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Offline Mode in a PARCS location refers to a scenario where one of the three essential internet connection components experiences a failure. These components include:

  • Server Network Connection: Powering the cloud services that facilitate various functionalities.

  • Local Internet Connection: Provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) at the specific location.

  • Payment Gateway Service: Facilitating the processing of online payments.

If any of these components fail, the location is considered offline. The Edge device, which is an on-premises hardware component running the Parkonect Cloud Software, is designed to detect such offline events. In the event of an offline situation, the Edge device ensures that the location can continue its operations using the most recent data stored in the system. This allows for continued functionality even when one of the internet connection components is temporarily unavailable.

A troubleshooting indicator has been installed in the kiosk display screen to facilitate a diagnosis of the system experiencing disruptions. The screen border will display one of the following colors based on the compromised system. 

  • Yellow: Parkonect Cloud down, internet up, gateway up = Hybrid Mode (Payments Allowed)

  • Red: Internet is down = Offline Mode (No Payments)

  • Blue: Gateway is down = Offline Mode (No Payments)


In the event the internet or gateway is down and payments are not accepted, the system will still allow transient entry and exit access and logs all relevant information (ticket ID, amount owed, entry and exit date/time, exit lane) available in the Offline Unable to Collect report.


Edge’s supported functionality development is progressing through multiple phases, and the current status is detailed below for Phase 1. This list will be updated as additional functions are released.

Monthly Parkers - Functionality in Edge Hybrid + Offline


  • Entry / Exit 

  • Passback Rules

  • Account Status (inactive/active)

  • Access Level Restrictions (Time Range)

  • Account Level Restrictions (Time Range)

  • Available Monthly Credentials: Multi-Credential, RFID, Barcode

  • Door Access

  • Pool Limits

  • Nested Areas

Not Supported: 

  • Account changes made in the Admin Portal while offline
  • Access via LPR 

Transient Parkers - Functionality in Edge Hybrid + Offline


  • Paper Ticket Access
  • Text Transient Ticket Transactions at Exit, POF
    • Hybrid: Payments Processed
    • Offline: Transaction amount due recorded in report, payment not processed 
  • Rate calculations
  • Cash Transactions
  • Lost Tickets
  • Third-Party Reservations (Booked before the system goes offline)

Not Supported: 

  • LPR Auto Gate Vend for Paid Tickets

  • Ticketless Access (credit card in/out, Text 2 Enter)

  • Prepay Mode

Management Features - Functionality in Edge Hybrid + Offline


  • Email Notifications

  • Sleep Mode

  • Lot Full

Not Supported: 

  • Valet Hiker
  • GetCashier.com
  • Banner Ads


Offline Unable to Collect Report 

While Offline and not able to collect payment the system will log the unpaid transactions.


1. How are offline transactions reported? 

  • Hybrid Mode transactions will be reported normally in revenue reporting while Offline the transaction details will be available in the Offline Unable to Collect report. 

2. Is there a limit to how many transactions can be processed in Hybrid Mode? 

  • No, there is no limit to the number of transactions processed in Hybrid Mode. The system operates without a specific transaction processing cap in this mode.

3. Are there any notifications of offline (or hybrid) mode?

  • If Offline, the touch screens' borders will display a colored border (red, yellow, or blue) corresponding to the implicated system. Currently, the system does not send out notification emails or texts regarding its health status.

4. Is there a maximum number of days the equipment can operate offline?

  • No, there is no maximum limit on the number of days the location can operate in offline mode. Additionally, there is no restriction on the amount of data or duration for which the equipment can function offline. 

For a comprehensive breakdown of all compatibility details and the status of supported functions in each development phase for Offline Edge, we recommend reaching out to support or your local representative. They will provide you with the most up-to-date and detailed information tailored to your specific requirements and location.

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