Flash PARCS Version

Modified on Fri, 12 Apr 2024 at 12:14 AM

Deployment Date: 04.04.2024


Gate Only User Role and Vend page

A new Admin Portal role labeled “Gate Only” is now available. This role grants access to a new Vend Page within the Flash Admin portal allowing the user to Vend gates to one specified location. This role will only have access to the Gates tab and cannot be assigned to any other roles concurrently. See more info here

Room Number field Searchable for Monthly Accounts in Flash Admin portal

Flash Admin portal monthly account search options now include a Room number field for hotel operations using the Overnight hang tag or PMS integration solutions. The returned results will display the room number similar to the unit number.

Run the Sign/Monitor totally on HTTPS

The Sign App / Flash Status Monitor now connects via HTTPS to meet the requirements of a locked-down firewall.

Flash App Fully HTTPS

The Flash App nows connects via HTTPS in compliance with the requirements of a locked-down firewall.

Flash App Closed Only By Task Manager

The Flash App can now be closed by clicking the X on the top right of the window instead of requiring the App to be closed via the device Task Manager.

PMS Logging – Log File Days to save

This will allow a PMS INTERFACE BINARY to create daily midnight-to-midnight log files.  Times inside the logs may be UTC but the file will be local from midnight to midnight.  It is hardcoded to 60 days of log files, then the oldest file is deleted.


Kiosk Login Issue Using Enter Key

Resolved a kiosk-level issue where, upon logging in, hitting “Enter” on the keyboard after inputting the username and password resulted in the username being replaced by “0.00.” This issue has been fixed, and users can now log in without encountering this error by manually selecting “Enter” on the screen.

Alter the Flash App asmx to use the Validator Account instead of the Bulk Validator Guid

When utilizing the Flash app for bulk printing validations, the Validations and Coupon Audit report displayed “BULK VALIDATOR” as the user, instead of showing the actual user who logged in to the Flash app and printed the validations. To address this, the system now captures the validator ID if it is present, instead of defaulting to “BULK VALIDATOR.” 

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