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The FAQs below address questions commonly asked about EV charging:


Doesn’t most EV charging occur at home?

Charging overnight at home is certainly ideal. However, as electric cars become increasingly affordable, more vehicle owners don’t have access to overnight charging for myriad reasons. The availability of public charging is critical to consumer choice.

What are the different types of EV chargers?   

There are three types of EV chargers:

  • Level 1: Provides charging for approximately 5 miles of range per hour (110 Volt system/15 amps)
  • Level 2: Provides charging for approximately 25 miles of range per hour, which addresses 90% of EV owners' charging needs (208/240 Volt system/40 or 50 amp)
  • Level 3 (DC Fast Charger): Fully charges a car in approximately 45 minutes (480 Volts/100 amps)

Note: Averages are based on ideal conditions. Charging speeds vary per vehicle, not all vehicles charge the same speeds. 

Since EV owners often want to charge their cars while at work, shopping, or at events, Flash primarily offers level 2 charging solutions. Flash is working on our level 3 charging product that is coming soon.


How long does it take for a Level 2 (L2) charger to charge a vehicle? How much range is provided?

The typical duration for topping off an electric vehicle with an L2 charger is 2-3 hours with about 25 miles of range delivered per hour of charge. Since most EV owners are topping off or recovering daily driving consumption, L2 chargers are well-suited to their needs.


How much does it cost consumers to charge their vehicles?

EV owners are typically recovering or topping off their vehicles. On average these sessions are 2-4 hours. Generally, a charging session for topping off typically costs them $4-$8.


How much will it cost me to charge a vehicle?

The cost to the facility owner will vary depending on the cost of power from their utility company. Based on EV charging trends and average costs, a typical charging session will cost the facility owner approximately $1-$3.

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