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The Flash Pass is a prepaid Parking Pass that is typically set up to be purchased and printed from a Pay on Foot, serving as the customer's entry and exit ticket. However Flash also offers the option to print the passes from our Flash App. The Flash App is commonly used in conjunction with a Windows Surface Go tablet, and it allows for printing using any compatible personal printer. The Flash App is not end-user (parker) facing and only the Parking Operator will have access to print the Flash Pass.

You can download the Flash App onto a Windows-based PC, bypassing the need for a Surface Go tablet. However, it's essential to note that Flash cannot offer support if you download the application on a device other than the Surface Go tablet we provide. To proceed with this alternative, a signed waiver is required.


  • A User account with Bulk Validations enabled to log into the Flash App. (Contact Flash Support for User Account setup)
  • A Validation Account with Bulk Validations/Passes enabled and must have one or more Flash Passes selected.
  • Flash App ver or later.

Flags enabled at the Validation Account

How to Generate Bulk Flash Passes

1. Click on the “Flash Pass” tab.

2. From the validator account field, click on the search icon.

3. Type in the name of the validator to print the Flash Passes under and click Find.

4. Click the desired Validator and click “OK” button.

5. Select a Flash Pass Type.

6. Set the amount of Flash Passes to print on the “Quantity” field.

NOTE: Max quantity limit is 500.

7. Set the Payment Method (Cash or Check) and click “OK”.

NOTE: Credit Card payments through the 
Hotel App is currently unavailable. If you're taking a CC payment for this transaction it MUST be processed externally.

9. On the Name field choose Microsoft Print to PDF or just choose a printer you have access to and click “OK”.

11. Set the Name of the file to be downloaded and click “Save”.

12. Open the downloaded file.

Flash Pass Sample

Download PDF sample

Dynamic Bonus Load in Bulk Flash Passes

Dynamic Bonus Loads can be applied to Flash Passes in bulk or individually as you're issuing the pass at the moment of purchase. The Flash App will enable a custom field called Dynamic Bonus Load where you can enter any bonus amount you want on the passes. The bonus load amount is applied on a per-pass basis.

How to Print

Follow the same process listed above for generating Bulk Passes.

These are the things that should happen when selecting a Dynamic Flash Pass in the Flash App:

  • The Quantity field is set to 1 by default.
  • The Dynamic Load field is enabled (Does not accept $0, you are required to enter a Bonus Load Amount).
  • You will not be required to select a Tender Type. This is because no transaction will be processed when generating these passes.
  • Once you print the passes, the Validation Account will remain selected and the Quantity field will reset back to 1.

The Flash Pass Load Report will register the Load amount as $0 and the correct Bonus Load entered on these passes.

Dynamic Bonus Load Sample

Download PDF sample

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