Flash PARCS: Kiosk Speaker

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The speaker, located behind the printer bucket, provides audio for the kiosk.


Use the steps in this section to troubleshoot common audio issues. If the troubleshooting process seems overwhelming at any point, or you’re uncomfortable with continuing, please reach out to Flash Support.

Step 1. Identify components

Locate and identify the components below before you begin troubleshooting.

  • Speaker: This component is located behind the printer bucket.
  • Amplifier
  • Audio ground isolator and audio splitter, or USB sound card
  • RCA cables: Connected from the credit card reader to the 12v power supply.

Step 2. Troubleshoot the issue

Continue below based on the issue you’re experiencing and follow the troubleshooting steps.

No audio

Follow the steps below until the issue is resolved.

1. Ensure the two spade connectors are securely connected to their respective terminals on the speaker.

2. Ensure that the wires going into the crimped connectors are making good contact. To do this, gently pull up the wires and make sure they don’t come out of the crimped connectors.

3. Trace the wires down to the Amplifier and make sure that the wire going to the big speaker terminal is plugged into a positive (red) terminal on the Amplifier and that the other wire is plugged into a negative (black) terminal.

4. Gently pull up on the wires on the amplifier end to make sure they are making good contact.

5. Make sure the Amplifier is turned on. The power switch on the Amplifier is on the bottom left of the Amplifier.

6. Make sure the volume is turned all the way up.

7. Ensure that the 2.1 mm plug on the top left of the Amplifier is plugged in securely.

8. Trace the cables going from the RCA inputs on the Amplifier up to the audio splitter or USB sound card and ensure that all connections are secure.

9. If there still isn’t audio, contact Flash Support.

The audio is choppy or staticky

Follow the steps below based on whether the kiosk has a USB sound card or an audio ground isolator.

Audio ground isolator

1. Swap the audio ground isolator, then tap the help button to test the audio.

2. If the issue continues, contact Flash support.

USB sound card

1. Swap the USB sound card, then press the help button to test the audio

2. If the issue continues, contact Flash support.

The audio has too much treble or bass

Follow the steps below until the issue is resolved.

1. Adjust the treble, bass, and/or volume settings with the knobs on the bottom of the Amplifier. From left to right the knobs are treble, bass, and volume.

2. If the issue is still present contact Flash Support for further assistance.


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