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The Hengstler Thermal Printer prints tickets and receipts. It has a standard ticket/receipt capacity of 500. This component requires a 24v power connection and a 5v data cable to run. If you're interested in the Large Capacity ticket roll see the Large Capacity Ticket Roll guide here.


Default Paper Roll Specs

  • Paper part number: T1214385
  • 12 rolls per case
  • 58mm x 385'
    • Approx. 4" outer diameter
    • 1" core

Paper Ordering


Use the steps in this section to troubleshoot common printer issues. If the troubleshooting process seems overwhelming at any point, or you’re uncomfortable with continuing, please reach out to Flash Support.

Required Tools

  • 3/8 socket with extension or wrench
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Multi-meter
  • Flush cutters

Identify Components

Locate and identify the components below before you begin troubleshooting.

  • Surge protector: This component is located on the subplate assembly at the bottom right of the kiosk. It’s important to know where this is as this is how power is disconnected in case of emergency
  • Printer
  • 24v power supply
  • 24v power cable: Connected from printer to 24v power supply.
  • USB cable: Connected from the printer to the lower USB hub.

Troubleshoot the Issue

Continue below based on the issue you’re experiencing and follow the troubleshooting steps.

Tickets aren’t printed when the button is pressed

Make sure there is paper in the paper holder and that it’s loaded properly.

  • If not, load the paper properly and test the printer. If the issue continues, refer to The printer doesn’t power on, on the next page.
  • If there is paper in the holder and it’s loaded properly, refer to The printer doesn’t power on, on the next page section below.

The printer doesn’t power on

Check the LED indicator lights on top of the printer head. Continue below based on whether or not the indicator lights are on.

  • The lights are on:

1. Ensure the USB cable that runs from the lower USB hub to the printer is connected securely.

2. If it’s connected securely, restart the kiosk by turning it off and then back on with the switch on the surge protector.

3. If the issue continues, swap out the USB cable for another one and restart the kiosk again.

  • The lights are off:

1. Ensure the 24v power connector is connected securely to the printer and the power supply.

2. If the connections are secure and the indicator lights are off, contact Flash Support.

The printer isn’t self-loading the new paper roll or is self-loading then pushing the new paper out

Follow the steps below until the issue is resolved.

1. Check for a paper jam.

1. Pull both of the locking plungers out and lift up the printer head. Inspect the printer and remove any paper that is jammed.

2. If a paper jam isn’t evident, lightly spray compressed air up the printer chute, into the printer head, and around the chute sensor (located above the paper bucket). Ensure that the paper is in good condition and reinsert the paper into the printer and check to see if it auto-feeds as it should.

2. If the printer still isn’t self-loading or is pushing the paper back out, trace the USB cable to its respective port in the lower USB hub and disconnect the cable from the USB hub and from the printer.

3. Reconnect the printer with a new USB cable.

4. If the issue continues, contact Flash Support.

The printed ticket is too light or is distorted

Follow the steps below until the issue is resolved.

1. Ensure that the paper is properly loaded in the bucket and printer feeder.

1. If the paper isn’t aligned straight in the bucket, pull all of the paper out and realign it. The printer should automatically feed itself.

2. Print a test page and ensure that the printed ticket looks correct.

2. Turn off and restart the kiosk with the power switch on the surge protector.

3. Once the printer is off, lightly spray compressed air into the printer head to clear out any debris.

4. Turn the printer back on and print a test page.

5. If the tickets still aren’t printing correctly, contact Flash Support.

Incorrect information is printed on the ticket

Follow the steps below until the issue is resolved.

1. Call Flash Support for additional assistance. Flash Support can confirm that the correct programming is configured for that location.

2. Upon confirmation, restart the Flash kiosk by using the switch on the surge protector to turn the Flash kiosk off and on again.

The gate doesn’t vend after the ticket is pulled

Call Flash Support for further assistance.

Large Capacity Ticket Roll

The optional large-capacity ticket roll is an add-on feature that increases the ticket or receipt capacity from 500 to 5,000. This increases operational efficiency by significantly reducing the frequency of replacing paper. See the Large Capacity Ticket Roll guide here.

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