Flash PARCS: Overnight PMS Integration

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A PMS integration allows guests to use their hotel key card at the kiosk to access the parking facility. The parker taps their activated hotel room key card to the external card reader and enters or exits the parking facility as desired.

Compatible PMS Integrations

Flash integrates with the hotel property management systems below:

  • Galaxy (Marriott)
  • Micros Advanced (Opera)
  • HotelKey (operates with LPR and QR code credentials)

PARCS PMS integrations will NOT automatically post a charge to the guest folio. Reconciliation for overnight parking charges can be completed using Flash Usage reports. 

Hotel Key Card Usage

Hotel key cards have the attributes below:

  • Allow for in and out privileges until the guest's departure date. The card automatically deactivates at the location’s operating window hour on the set departure date.

  • Hotel key cards under the same reservation are allowed unlimited entries but the number of exits must equal the number of entries. 

  • Cards are set to a neutral state when first activated. This allows guests to use them at entry or exit. 

  • Standard passback rules apply after first use unless the location passback settings have been customized.

Closing Transient Tickets

Hotel guests may enter the parking facility before check-in, requiring them to pull an entry ticket. If keeping occupancy numbers accurate is a top priority we encourage using one of the options below to close out unused Transient tickets. 

  • The possibility of closing out a guest's transient entry ticket depends on the version of the Property Management System (PMS). If the relevant field is accessible within the PMS, it allows for the entry of the guest's transient ticket number (paper ticket) into the system. This action results in the closure of the Transient ticket, and the recorded arrival time of the guest will be adjusted to match the ticket's entry time.

  • The guest can also be instructed to scan their ticket at exit and once on the payment screen, tap their hotel key card. This action results in the closure of the Transient ticket, and the recorded arrival time of the guest will be adjusted to match the ticket's entry time. This option can be used with any entry method not just paper tickets. 


Hotel Key Card Passback Options

Locations have the passback options below for hotel key cards. Contact Flash Support for any passback customization. 

  • Disable passback requirements for all key cards. 
  • Designate a number of allowed free exits per card.

Hotel Key Card Activity Reporting 

Guests are not charged at the kiosk for overnight parking. Parking fees are manually added to the guest folio. The Overnight Parker Summary report is the recommended report to view the parking activity of the activated hotel key cards to reconcile the folio charges.



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