Flash PARCS: Overnight Tablet Module

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Overnight access credentials allow the parker in and out privileges of the parking facility, these credentials follow industry passback rules that require the pass to be used with the proper in/out sequence.

The Overnight Pass option allows hotel front desk attendants to issue barcoded passes to guests who self-park in the parking facility. These passes are activated through the Flash App on the Flash provided Windows Surface tablet and connected laser scanner.

                Windows Surface Go Tablet                                                                  Connected Zebra Barcode Scanner

Overnight Pass Usage

Overnight passes have the attributes below:

  • Allow for in and out privileges until the set departure date. The pass automatically deactivates at the location’s operating window hour on the set departure date.
  • If the parker pulled a transient ticket to gain entry and the transient ticket is closed as the overnight pass is activated, the guest’s next action must be an exit.
  • Set to a neutral state when first activated. This allows guests to use it at entry or exit.
  • Standard passback rules apply after first use unless the location passback settings have been customized. (See below)

Overnight Pass Passback Options

Locations have the passback options below for overnight passes:

  • Disable the passback requirement for all overnight passes.
  • Designate a number of allowed free exits per pass.

Contact Flash Support to make changes to the passback requirements. 

Late Checkout Fee Option

A Late CheckOut fee option can be added to the location’s setup. If the guest exits the parking facility after the set late checkout time on their departure date, they’re required to pay an additional fee at the kiosk. When the late checkout fee is enabled the operating window deactivation rule is null.


Activate an Overnight Pass

1. Log in to the Flash App on the provided Windows Surface tablet.

2. At the top, tap Hotel Key.

3. Enter the guest’s room number, and departure date or the desired number of nights in the corresponding fields.

4. Select the Barcode field, then use the laser scanner attached to the tablet to scan the barcode on the self-parking pass. If necessary, enter the barcode number manually.

5. Enter the guest’s first name and last name in the corresponding fields.

6. (Optional) Enter the Transient ticket number in the Close Ticket field to close the guest’s Transient

ticket. This helps keep occupancy numbers accurate and will require the guest’s next action to be an exit.

7. Tap OK.

An Access Zone can used to restrict the guest to park in set parking area. Access zones are linked to entry kiosks.  

Edit an Overnight Pass

1. Log in to the Flash App on the provided Window Surface tablet.

2. At the top, tap Hotel Key Search.

3. Enter the Room Number, First or Last Name, or scan the barcode.

4. Tap Search.

5. Select the pass from the window box and update the necessary information.

6. (Optional) Select the Barcode field, then scan a new barcoded pass to replace the guest parking tag.

7. Tap Save.

Pass Examples


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