Flash PARCS: Cashier Kiosk Module

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The Cashier Kiosk Module enables cash transactions on Flash PARCS Kiosks without a cash machine add-on or a cashier kit with the Flash Valet iOS app. An onsite attendant, equipped with an employee barcode/QR code, is required to initiate and process the cash transaction at the kiosk in the lane or at the POF. This mode can be used for entry (pay on entry), exit (pay on exit), or pay on foot payment flows.


  • PARCS Full Kiosk (running Flash PARCS or later)
  • Onsite attendant
  • Assigned employee barcode

Process a Transaction

The steps below outline a transaction with the Cashier Kiosk Module.

1. At the Payment screen, the customer informs the attendant they’re paying cash.

2. The attendant scans their employee barcode. To learn how to set up an employee barcode, refer to Set Up an Employee Barcode.

3. On the Enter Amount screen, the attendant enters the amount tendered or taps Exactly if the exact amount is provided.

4. If the amount tendered is more than the amount due, the Cash Change screen appears to ensure the attendant gives the correct change amount.

5. The attendant taps Go, then the gate vends. If the kiosk is at the exit, the exit screen appears and gives the option to print a receipt for the parker.

Payment Alerts


The Cashier Kiosk Module can handle overpayment scenarios. In this example, the customer has a $2 due amount.

The cashier can enter the amount tendered by the customer.


The Flash PARCS software will present the cashier a message with the amount they have to give back to the customer whenever overpayment occurs. In the same $2 example, the customer tendered $8 and the system instructs the cashier to return $6. The cashier cannot proceed to the next step until YES is pressed.


Underpayment will not be accepted with the Cashier Kiosk module. In this example, the customer has a $2 due amount. The cashier enters $1 as the amount provided by the customer, the kiosk will prompt the amount is Short Paid.

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