Flash Admin Portal: Employee Barcode Tag Set Up

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This article explains how to set up an employee barcode tag that is utilized in multiple Flash module options.

  • PARCS Access to allow Flash Valet runners to access a Flash PARCS gated facility.
  • Cashier Kiosk setup to allow an attendant to process cash payments on the Cashier Kiosk or on the in-lane kiosk. 
  • Flash Valet Advanced Runner mode to allow valet runners to quickly assign vehicle retrieval requests.

Create an Employee Account in Flash Valet Pro

To create an employee account follow the steps below. Accounts can also be created in the Flash Admin Portal.

    1. Log in to the Flash Valet Pro app.

    2. At the bottom of the screen, tap Control.

    3. Tap Time Sheet.

    4. On the top right, tap add +.

    5. Enter the employee’s first and last name in the corresponding fields, then tap Done.

Assign an Employee Tag number in Flash Valet Pro

Employee accounts are assigned a system-generated employee tag number in the Flash Valet Pro app.

    1. At the bottom of the screen, tap Control.

    2. Tap Time Sheet.

    3. Choose the employee's name.

    4. Next to “No Employee Tag assigned” tap Assign > OK.

After the employee tag number is assigned, the unique number identifier appears next to the employee name in the Time Sheet menu.

What if the barcode is already created?

If a barcode is already generated, you can still assign it to an employee in the Flash Valet app.

    1. At the bottom of the screen, tap Control.

    2. Tap Pick Runners.

    3. Choose the employee's name.

    4. Next to the employee's name, tap the camera icon.

    5. Scan the previously created barcode.

    6. Now that the scanned barcode number has been assigned to the employee, click OK.

Create a User Account via the Flash Admin Portal

This only works with Flash PARCS features as Cashier Kiosk, or PARCS Access. This setup does not work with Flash Valet's Advanced Runner Mode 

If the location is not using Flash Valet, the Admin portal is the recommended option to set up employee barcodes to avoid additional hardware or steps.

    1. Log in to the Admin Portal.

    2. Select the Users tab from the left menu.

    3. Click on the Add New button.

    4. Enter the employee’s first and last name in the corresponding fields.

    5. Set User Type to Valet (set to Dispatcher if login access to the Flash Valet app is required).

    6. Enter the Employee Barcode (or prox card number) in the Flash PARCS Tag field.

    7.  Save.

Create a Barcode

The barcode is created outside of the Flash system. Use the steps below to create a barcode with a recommended barcode generator website. 

Barcoded key tags can also be created by any 3rd party ticket vendor. 

    1. Go to https://barcode.tec-it.com/en/

    2. On the menu on the left, scroll down and choose 2D Codes.

    3. Choose one of the options below:

  • QR Code: If you want the attendant to scan a printed barcode, choose this option.
  • QR Code (Mobile/Phone): If you want the attendant to scan the barcode from a mobile device, choose this option.

    4. In the data field, enter “FVEN” and the previously assigned employee tag number. 

        For example: If the employee number is 51 the format would be “FVEN000051".

    5. Click Refresh, then click Download.

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