Flash PARCS: Create Validator Accounts

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Validation Accounts require a login credential to access either the Validation Portal or the Flash Valet app to process validations or coupons. The accounts are set with either a unique username and password or a group of validators can share a login credential and use an assigned PIN to differentiate between users for reporting or auditing purposes. In addition, each Validation Account is set with specific Validation Portal access and assigned Validation/Coupon Prices.

Validation Accounts are used with the Flash PARCS and Flash Valet products. 

Validation Account Set Up (No PIN Requirement)

Step 1

Create the Validation Account Username and Password

1. Go to https://portal.flashvalet.com and log in to the Admin Portal.

2. Select the Validation Accounts tab on the left menu.

3. Click Add New.

4. Enter a validation account username in the Email Address field.

Does not have to be a valid email ex: validator@retailstore.com

5. Enter a first and last name.

6. Choose the Location in the drop-down menu.

7. Enter a password and repeat.

8. Select Save.

Step 2 

Set the Validator Access Type

9. Select the Locations tab on the left menu and choose the location.

10. Select the Validators tab from the top menu and click Add New.

11. Enter the validator account user's first and last name.

12. Enter the previously entered Email Address from Step 4.

13. Check at least one Validation access type.

14. (Optional) Select a Department. Departments are used to group Validators together for bill back reporting purposes.

15. (Optional) Enter the Expiry Days. Enter a default and Max to allow a selection of an Expiration Date for validation or coupon barcodes.

16. Select Save.

Validator Access Type Settings and Descriptions

Can ValidateThis setting should always be checked to enable validation access. It will give the validator account access to validate Transient tickets in real-time by entering the ticket number.

Can Apply Coupons

If the location is enabled with coupons, this allows the validator to apply coupon discounts to a Transient ticket.
Can Request Vehicle

This setting is specifically used for FLASH Valet location and allows users to log into the validation portal to request a customer vehicle, alerting valet attendants to pull the car. 
Can Add Users

This setting can be used for Validator setup using the PIN requirement. It gives the validator account the ability to create other validator accounts with limitations. 
Can Print Validation

Access to print barcoded validations that the validator user has been assigned. 
Can Print Coupons

Access to print barcoded coupons that the validator user has been assigned. 
Can Validate Mobile

This setting should not be used. 

Can Open GateAllows the user to vend a PARCS gate if logged into the FLASH Valet app with Validator credentials.

Default Expiry Days

Sets an expiration option with printed validations or coupons. Default setting sets the automatically selected expiration date. 30 = 30 days from the current date. The user is able to change this date and select a date starting from the current date up to the Maximum Expiry Days setting (if configured).
Maximum Expiry Days

Sets an expiration option with printed validations or coupons. This is how many days out the expiration date calendar will allow. 365 = The user can set the barcode to expire up to a year from now. If the Max Expiry Days setting is blank and the user has a Default Expiry Days setting, then the user can set any future date for printed barcode expiration.


Departments can be assigned for validation bill back reporting purposes. 

NOTE: If data is entered in either the Default or Max Expiry Days fields, a calendar option will appear in the Validation portal to set an expiration date for the generated barcodes. The Expiration Days settings are also available on the Location Details page. If set at the Location level it will apply to ALL validator accounts.

Step 3

Assign Validation Prices

14. Select the Validation Accounts tab from the left menu to complete the setup.

15. Select the created validation account.

16. Check Validator Skip PIN.

17. Check applicable validation prices or coupons to link to the Validation account.

18. Select Save.

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