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The Flash web-based validation system provides a modern way to validate parking from any connected device. A Validation account is required to access the Validation portal, here users can apply validation prices or coupons to PARCS or Valet transient tickets. In addition to electronic validations, validator accounts can be configured with Validation/Coupon barcode printing access. 


Apply Electronic Validations

1. Go to https://v.flashvalet.com and log in to the Validation Portal with the Validation Account username and password.

2. If applicable, enter the PIN.

3. Enter the ticket number in the Ticket Number field, then click Find Ticket.

  • If the parker used a credit card, enter the last four digits.
  • If the parker entered with their mobile number, enter the 10-digit phone number.


4. (Optional) Select the Department.

5. Choose a Validation Price in the dropdown.

6. Click Validate Ticket to confirm the validation.

Print individual or bulk validations on standard 7.5” x 11” paper or Avery 5963 and 5160 mailing labels. Be sure to disable browser pop-up blockers to allow the validation barcodes to generate.

Be sure to disable the browser pop-up blockers to allow the validation barcodes to generate.

To print validations, follow the steps below:

1. Go to https://v.flashvalet.com and log in to the Validation Portal with the Validation Account username and password.

2. If applicable, enter the Validator PIN.

3. At the top, click Print Validation/Coupon.

4. Follow the steps below based on whether you print Individual or bulk validations. Validations are the default setting, If you want to print coupons instead, click Print Coupon and follow the same steps below.

Individual Validation

1. Select the Ticket Type and the Validation Price.

2. If applicable, select Expiry Date and Department.

3. Under the Validation Price, click Print.

Bulk Validation Barcodes

1. Select the Print Validation/Coupon tab.

2. Select the Ticket Type and the Validation Price.

3. If applicable, select Expiry Date and Department.

4. Select Bulk Type:

  • Avery Label 5963 prints 10 barcodes per page
  • Avery Label 5160 prints 30 barcodes per page 

5. Enter the Number to Print and at the bottom of the page, click Print.

5. Wait for the system to generate a PDF of the validations in a separate tab.

Barcode Expirations

If the expiration option is enabled for the location or per validator, the "Expiry Date" field will appear with a default future date.  

The calendar options are determined by the expiry settings under the Validator account in the Flash Admin portal. 

  • Default Expiry Days: Sets default future date 
  • Maximum Expiry Days: Sets the max days the calendar can extend to.

In the Validation Portal, if an expiration day is set, the printed validation will expire at midnight the day of expiration in your location's time zone.  For example, if the expiry date is set to 4/4/2024 then that validation will expire at 12:00AM on 4/4/2024.  The validation will not work on 4/4/2024 after 12:00am.

Barcode Expiration settings also apply to coupon barcodes. 


Click here to learn more about coupons. 

Apply Coupons

Coupons are also applied or printed from the Validation portal. Electronically applied coupons are set up in the Flash Admin portal under the Non-Burnable Coupons tab. 

1. Go to https://v.flashvalet.com and log in to the Validation Portal with the Validation Account username and password.

2. If applicable, enter the account PIN.

3. Enter the Ticket Number.

4. Choose a Coupon in the dropdown and click Add Coupon. If coupons are set to combinable, more than one coupon can be added to the ticket. 

5. Click Apply Coupons to confirm. 

If the Non-Burnable coupon is set to combinable, multiple coupons (discounts) can be applied to one ticket. 

If a coupon is mistakenly applied, simply select the coupon name, and it will be highlighted in yellow. Click on the "X" to remove it.

Coupon barcode printing follows the same process as Validation barcode printing, but the user will simply select the Print Coupon tab.


Printed Barcode Requirements

Making copies of printed validation or coupon barcodes is strictly prohibited. Once these barcodes are scanned, they are marked as used and cannot be reused. Creating duplicates of the same barcodes can result in complications if a parker tries to utilize them multiple times.

Billback Reporting

The Validation system tracks the amount discounted on each ticket and can be viewed using the Flash Admin portal on-demand reports. The validated tickets will not appear on reports until the Transient has been completed (scanned on Exit or marked as Done in the Flash Valet app). 

Recommended Reports 

  • eValidation by Date, Dept and Validator 
  • eValidation and Coupon Detail by Date, Dept and Validator (provides Coupon totals) 

Prepaid Validations

Prepaid Validation Accounts work similarly to regular Validation Accounts, but instead of being billed later, funds are pre-loaded into the validation account. When a Prepaid Validator prints a dollar-based validation/coupon barcode or electronically validates a ticket through the Validations Portal or Flash Valet app, the corresponding amount is deducted from their balance.

The Available Balance will be visible in the Validation Portal and/or the Flash Valet app (when logged in as a validator), and appears at the top of the screen. 

Prepaid Validators can only validate tickets or print validation barcodes if the account has an available balance. If the balance reaches $0 or the Validation amount exceeds the remaining balance, the user will not be able to electronically validate a ticket or print a dollar-based validation barcode.

Only dollar-based coupons or validations can be used, and the account must have an available balance for their application.

Click here to learn more about Prepaid Validation Accounts.

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