Flash PARCS: Relay Board

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The Relay Board uses relay contacts and inputs to regulate the kiosk, gate controller, and loop operations.


Use the steps in this section to troubleshoot common Relay Board issues. If the troubleshooting process seems overwhelming at any point, or you’re uncomfortable with continuing, please reach out to Flash Support.

Required Tools

  • Precision flathead screwdriver

Step 1. Identify Components

Locate and identify the components below before you begin troubleshooting.

  • Surge Protector: This component is located on the subplate assembly at the bottom right of the kiosk. It’s important to know where this is as this is how power is disconnected in case of emergency
  • Relay Board and attached Cables
  • Lower USB hub
  • 12v Power supply

Step 2. Troubleshoot the Issue

Continue below based on the issue you’re experiencing.

The Relay Board doesn’t turn on

Follow the steps below until the issue is resolved.

1. Ensure that the port for the 12v power is seated securely on the Relay Board. Sometimes this port can get loose if the relay board has recently been worked on.

2. Ensure that the 12v power cable is connected securely. If it’s not, unplug it then plug it back in.

If the kiosk has a V3 subplate where the power supplies don’t sit flush to the kiosk belly, this connection runs to the PCBM board. If this is the case, contact and Flash Support for assistance.

3. Swap out the 12v power cable on top of the relay board.

4. Ensure that the 5v cable is plugged completely into the mini USB port on the relay board.

5. Ensure that the mini USB port is seated properly on the relay board.

6. Swap out the 5v USB cable.

7. If the issue continues, it could be a problem with the lower USB hub or the corresponding port for the Relay Board. To test this, unplug a different connection on the lower USB hub and plug the Relay Board into that port. If this resolves the issue, contact Flash Support for assistance.

8. If the Relay Board still doesn’t power on, contact Flash Support.

Gate or loop errors are showing on the gate controller

Check and clear gate alerts, and follow the troubleshooting steps according to the Gate Troubleshooting Guide. If the issue isn’t resolved, follow the steps below.

1. Ensure that all cables are securely tightened to their respective terminals. If all cables are securely tightened, use the steps below to reboot the Relay Board.

2. Complete the steps below in the exact order listed:

1. Unplug the 12v power (top) and mini USB cable (left side) from the Relay Board.

2. Unplug the four green phoenix connectors on the gate controller (green blocks).

3. Plug the power and mini usb back into the Relay Board.

4. Plug the phoenix connectors back into the gate controller.

3. If the problem continues, contact Flash Support.

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