Flash PARCS: Replace the Relay Board

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This article shows how to replace the Relay Board in a Flash kiosk.


Follow the steps below to remove and replace the Relay Board.

Step 1. Gather tools

The tool below is needed.

  • Small flat-head screwdriver

Step 2. Open the Kiosk

1. Open the Flash Kiosk with the kiosk Key.

2. Turn off the kiosk with the switch on the surge protector at the bottom.

3. Take a picture of the Relay board to use as a reference when you install the new one.

Step 3. Remove the Relay Board

4. Unplug the 12v power cable from the top and the USB mini B cable from the left side of the relay.

5. Use a small flathead screwdriver to unscrew the terminals marked “NO” and “Com” from the bottom of the Relay Board (relay 1) and remove the wires.

6. On the right side of the Relay Board, press the tab on the AD inputs and remove terminals GND and AD1-3.

7. Depending on what integrations are set up, there may be additional wires that are running through the Relay Board. If this is the case, contact Flash support before you continue to the next steps.

8. Gently, and with even pressure, pull up at the corners of the Relay Board and remove it from the kiosk.

Step 4. Install the new Relay Board

9. Gently and with even pressure, push in on all four corners of the Relay Board until it snaps into place.

10. Reattach all cables and wires to the appropriate inputs, outputs, and terminals. Use the photo taken in step 3 to ensure that all wires are plugged into the correct locations.

Step 5. Turn on the kiosk

11. Turn on the kiosk with the switch on the surge protector. The red light on the surge protector will turn on indicating that the power is on.

Video Tutorial

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