Adyen AMS1 Credit Card Reader

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The AMS1 is an Adyen POS terminal that allows customers to pay for Flash Valet or Flash PARCS tickets at a Cashier station. It offers payment capabilities such as EMV (chip), contactless (NFC), MagStripe Reader, and an eWallet Reader (Google Pay and Apple Pay).

Key Features

  • Fully EMV (chip) & contactless enabled (NFC)
  • Triple track bi-directional MagStripe Reader
  • Accepts credit, debit and gift cards
  • Accepts eWallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay)
  • Multiple tip options
  • PCI 6 compliant
  • Fallback 3G, or 4G cellular connection

Kit Components

  • AMS1 Reader
  • Protective Case
  • 5V/2A charger with USB-C port
  • Stand (3M Adhesive or Magnet options)

Device Setup 

The AMS1 functions as an all-in-one terminal running on the Android platform. This mobile, cellular device offers seamless connectivity with the Flash Valet app through either Wi-Fi or 4G cellular data.

Internet Connection Setup

  1. On the Adyen device tap the Settings icon from the home screen.
  2. Network > Enter passcode 6006 > Continue > Wi-Fi > Connect to your Network.
    • To connect to cellular, do the same as above but tap on Cellular. 

Flash Valet app Connection

On the Flash Valet app, go to the Control tab > Settings.

  • Tap Use Adyen Card Reader.
  • After tapping on the Serial number, return to Settings and confirm the connection: The AMSI Device Name will match the S/N number on the back of the AMS1 device and show its battery level.

Network Connectivity Troubleshooting 

Should a network connection issue arise, the AMS1 promptly attempts to auto-connect within a few seconds. In the event of persistent issues, operators can initiate a manual restart by holding the power button on the right and selecting the Restart option. For Wi-Fi network changes, a passcode "6006" is used to access the Connect feature, enabling operators to select a different Wi-Fi network if required.

Cellular 3G/4G failover

If the Wifi internet connection fails, your AMS1 terminal can automatically switch to processing payments using a cellular connection. Adyen terminals come with a pre-installed and activated SIM card so you can use the cellular network immediately to board the terminal.

How it works

Payment process

  1. Tap the Credit Card tender type option in the Flash Valet app when processing a payment.
  2. Present Card Payment Process:
    • The Flash Valet app will display the message "Please Swipe, Insert or Tap" on the AMS1 terminal's screen.
    • The AMS1 terminal will automatically light up* and display the Amount Due, prompting the customer to present their credit card.
  3. Tips Collection (If Applicable):
    • If credit card tips are enabled, the customer will see the Original Amount Due and can choose a tip amount. 
    • The customer finalizes their decision before proceeding with the payment.

  • Payment Cancellation Option:
    • Customers have the option to cancel the payment at any time by tapping the X in the upper right corner on the AMS1 terminal.
    • If the payment is canceled, the Flash Valet app will show "Transaction canceled."
  • Restarting Payment Process:
    • When the customer is ready to proceed, the valet taps "Present Card" in the Flash Valet app to restart the payment process.
  • Automatic Transaction Cancellation:
    • If a credit card is not used within about three minutes, the transaction will auto-cancel on the AMS1 terminal.
  • Waking Up the AMS1:
    • Even if the AMS1 terminal is asleep, selecting the "Credit Card" tender type in the Flash Valet app will automatically wake it up; there is no need to wake it up manually (pressing power button on right side).

Tip Options

  • Option 1: 3 percentages (client's preference) __%, __%, __%, Custom, No tip
  • Option 2: 3 fixed dollar amounts (client's preference) $__, $__, $__, Custom, No tip
  • Option 3: Custom, No tip


Transactions processed via Adyen can be refunded in the FlashValet app and Flash Admin portal under the Ticket Search tab.


SMS/Email and printed receipts are compatible with the AMS1 device. The Flash Valet app will continue to prompt for SMS or Email receipts.

  • The SMS option is only available if the location is set with a dedicated phone number.
  • The printed option is available when connected to the Epson Mobile Bluetooth receipt printer.


Flash On Demand Reports

Realtime reporting available via Flash Admin portal 

  • Location Summary Hotel – summary by Credit Card and Refund data 
  • Electronic Payments – includes Reference Numbers, Ticket Numbers, and last four # of credit card numbers
  • Electronic Payments Detail – includes all Fees and Tips 
  • Electronic Payments Detail with Adjustments – includes all Fees, Tips, Refunds, Price Names and Last four digits of credit card numbers.

Adyen Reports

Reports delivered via email for prior day transactions.

  • Daily Transactions -  The Daily Transactions report displays authorized transactions categorized by day. Includes the Terminal IDs (serial numbers) for each device.  
  • Daily Deposits -The Daily Deposits report provides a summary of bank transfers and the corresponding transactions.

Settlement expectations

Revenue settlement will occur two days after the transaction date, excluding weekends and bank holidays.

  • Funds are transferred to the external bank account Mon-Fri based on the Flash Admin portal Operating Window
    • Mon transactions → Wed bank transfer
    • Tue transactions → Thu bank transfer
    • Wed transactions → Fri bank transfer
    • Thu transactions → Mon bank transfer
    • Fri, Sat, Sun transactions → Tue bank transfer

RMA Process 

If functionality cannot be restored, a replacement device will be overnight-shipped to you on the same or the next business day.

  • If Support is contacted before 12 PM Central time, the replacement is shipped the same business day. If Support contact occurs after 12 PM Central time the replacement will ship the next business day.
    • When a replacement unit ships, an invoice for $750 will be sent if the non-working device is not received within 30 days. This invoice will be credited in full upon receipt if the non-working unit is returned within 60 days. 
    • A Return Label will be included with the new device.

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