Flash PARCS: MultiProfiles

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Also known as: Multiple Profiles

This feature enables parking operators to assign multiple profiles to a monthly parker or a membership account. Profiles serve various purposes, primarily allowing or restricting monthly parker access to specific areas at certain times. This is achieved by linking Access Zones and Parking Enforcement rules to the profile, which is then assigned to the parker. 

The use of MultiProfiles allows for varying restrictions or membership rates to be linked to different Logical Zones and applied to a monthly or membership account. 

Click here to learn more about Profiles.


  • An Admin or Monthly account (role).


Before proceeding, ensure that the MultiProfiles feature is enabled at the Location. You can verify this by visiting a Monthly/Membership account and reviewing the message under the Profiles section.

MultiProfiles not enabled:

MultiProfiles enabled:

If the MultiProfiles feature not enabled, please contact Flash at support@flashparking.com to enable it.

How to Add Multiple Profiles to an Account

To add a Profile to an account, you must first have a profile configured. To learn more about setting up Profiles, click here.

1. Go to the Monthly tab located on the left side of the Admin Portal.

2. Choose a Location.

3. Select the Monthly Account where you want to add the Profile(s).

4. Scroll down to the Profiles section and click on Add New.

5. Select a Profile from the dropdown menu.

6. (Optional) Specify a Valid From/Valid To date and time. This allows the parker temporary or permanent access to certain areas or lots.

7. Save.

Each profile assigned to a parker must have a different Logical Zone; profiles sharing the same Logical Zone or lacking one cannot be assigned.

How to Delete Multiple Profiles from an Account

To delete a Profile, simply click on it and then click on Delete.


  • Updates to multiple profile assignments in parker accounts are instantly sent to kiosks, ensuring immediate changes. MultiProfiles remain functional even offline, as data is locally stored on each kiosk.

  • When MultiProfiles are enabled, previous single profile settings are disregarded. If any assigned profile doesn't grant access to a specific zone, Flash PARCS won't revert to single profile settings. Instead, only MultiProfile settings apply.

  • This feature allows parker profile selection via dropdown menus in account details. Unique profiles are necessary for applying restrictions at the Access Zone level.

  • Currently, there are no compatible reports for this feature.

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