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Emergency Profiles gives the ability to enable a temporary profile for monthly and membership parkers that takes effect immediately when enabled. In any urgent circumstance, such as construction, weather-related, etc., parkers can be granted access to a different garage or denied access to a regular facility.

How It Works

A Profile controls a monthly or member parker's access to a parking facility or area. Profiles are created with the specified restriction components and then applied to individual accounts. An Emergency Profile is assigned to a Profile to override the regular profile when Emergency Mode is enabled for a Profile.

Emergency Mode is managed at the Profile level. When Emergency Mode is enabled at Profile A, all parkers with Profile A will be switched to the assigned Emergency Profile. Enabling Emergency Mode on at Profile A won't affect Profile B or Profile C parkers. 

To switch all accounts to Emergency Mode, the Emergency Mode flag will need to be checked for each Profile. 

If Emergency Mode is enabled and an Emergency Profile is not assigned to the Profile then the linked parkers will be granted All Access until Emergency Mode is turned off.

All Access means the monthly and/or membership parkers gain unrestricted access to all parking areas/facilities, previously limited by the regular Profile.

Holiday Profiles vs. Emergency Mode

Holiday Profiles similarly change an account's regular profile to another profile, but Holiday Profiles are implemented by a schedule that must be configured at least 7 days before the effective date. Emergency Mode allows the operator to change the profile on the fly by simply checking the Emergency Mode flag on a specific profile. 

The Holiday Profile Schedule affects all accounts linked to a Holiday Profile. Emergency Mode is enabled per Profile so will only affect the selected Profile. 

Set Up Emergency Mode

Step 1.

Create Emergency Profile

1. Go to https://portal.flashvalet.com and log in to the Admin Portal.

2. Select the Locations tab on the left menu, and choose a Location. 

3. Select the Emergency Profiles tab from the top menu and click Add New.

4. Set Emergency Profile components based on the "emergency" circumstance. 

  • Restriction: Day and Time restrictions (Created under the Restriction tab).
  • Access Zone: Restrictions linked to an Entry kiosk. This will include access/no access and can bundle in the day/time restrictions. 
  • Parking Enforcement: Preprogrammed Enforcement type for Nested Areas. Violation management with the options of the following: 
    • Report Only/ Disable Account/ Pay Fine at Kiosk. 

5. Select Save

Step 2.

Link Emergency Profile 

1. Select the Profiles tab from the top menu and choose a preprogrammed Profile. See the Profiles article to learn how to set up Profiles.

2. Choose an Emergency Profile from the drop-down menu, and select Save.

Once the Emergency Profile is linked to the Profile (Profiles are linked to monthly accounts), you can simply enable Emergency Mode on a Profile to switch to the Emergency Profile parking access setup for all parkers linked to the regular Profile. 

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