Flash PARCS & Flash Valet: StayNTouch PMS Integration

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StayNTouch Integration 

At Flash we can integrate with your new or existing StayNTouch solution. StayNTouch is a “Software as a Service” mobile hotel Property Management System (PMS) that provides reservations and guest management solutions for hotels.  This integration works with Flash PARCS and Flash Valet. 


  • Flash PARCS ver. or later
  • Flash Valet app ver. 3.3.0 or later

Contact sales@flashparking.com to implement StayNTouch at your location.

How it works

For self-park with Flash PARCS

Guest experience

  1. The guest pulls a ticket from the Entry kiosk.
  2. The ticket number is provided to the agent during check-in. The guest is checked in and assigned a Hotel Key, room number, departure date, and the number of parking spots.
  3. The guest uses their Hotel Key for in-out access until their departure date. 

Processing a self-parking guest 

  1. Open StayCard and enter the guest’s information. Submit the name, and room number if available.
  2. In StayCard, add a Note to enter the guest's ticket number and the number of vehicles they can park at a time.
  3. The Note must have this format: fptn:ticket number,fpparks:number of parks
  4. Select Post to add the note, then CHECK IN to complete. 

Once the guest is checked in and the notes include their parking details the guest can start using their Hotel Key for In-Out access until their checkout date.

fptn = flash parcs ticket number, fpparks = the number of vehicles the guest can park at a time. 

For valet parking with Flash Valet

Guest experience

  1. The guest is greeted by the Valet and their reservation is searched for in the Flash Valet app by their name. 
  2. The Valet finds the guest's reservation and issues a ticket. The Valet parks the guest's vehicle.
  3. The guest proceeds to the lobby to check in.

If the guest did not have a reservation. The Valet issues a ticket with the guest's name and can later link it to the guest's folio after they are checked in. 

Processing a guest as the Parking Operator

  1. In the Flash Valet app issue an Overnight Ticket.
  2. Tap on the Name field to find the reservation.
  3. On the Search Bar enter the guest's name and tap on the blue information icon next to the guest's reservation.
  4. Enter the other ticket details as vehicle information, etc. 
  5. When the ticket is issued, the guest information will appear on the ticket details. 

If any updates are made to the guest reservation, room number, checkout date ect.. the valet ticket will automatically update. 

If the guest did not have a reservation, issue the Overnight Ticket. Once the guest is checked in edit the ticket and search for the guest by tapping on the Name field. Their reservation will show and you can link it to the existing ticket. When done the ticket will now show the guest name and their room number as they were submitted in StayCard.

Valet Fee Posting Process

The overnight valet fees will be posted to the guest folios once the Valet attendant taps Pay All in the Flash Valet app. Please refer to the PMS Posting Process article for further details.

Bill to Room

 StayNTouch supports valet features such as Bill To Room. The hotel guest can pay for the parking expenses of other guests they may host. 

How to bill a Transient Ticket to a room:

  1. Tap the Edit button on a Transient Ticket
  2. Select Bill to Room
  3. Search for the guest and select it. 
  4. The Transient Ticket charge is added to the Hotel's Guest folio


  • For Valet: Overnight Summary Report 
  • For PARCS: The Overnight Self Park Summary Report will show all of the known active self-parkers. The system only knows about a self-parker if a) the transient PARCS ticket is linked through the PMS when guest is checking in, b) the guest swipes their room key at a kiosk

    Important: If a hotel guest enters the facility by pulling a ticket, then checks into the hotel and does not take their transient ticket to be linked, their record will not show on the Overnight Self Park Summary Report until their first swipe.

Compatible Key Cards


  • Key Card supported: MiFare 1K/MiFare Classic or Tagit

Saflok (4.0 or later)

  • Key Card supported: MiFare 1K/MiFare Classic

VingCard (Ving VisionLine 1.16+ or 1.14.0 w/ PMSPlus)

  • Key Card supported: MiFare Ultralight or MiFare Ultralight C


I want to remove parking privileges from the guest without checking them out. How can I do that?

- On the guest's folio go to the Notes and set the fpparks value to 0 or remove fpparks:X altogether. 

What happens if the self-parking guest does not provide their ticket number? Can they still use their Key Card for parking? 

- Yes, as long as the fpparks value on their Notes is greater than 1 and they have not checked out they can still park. If the guest does not provide their ticket number just enter the fpparks value on their Notes.

What happens when I don't add the number of parks to a self-parking guest's folio?

- The guest's information is not sent to the Flash and they won't be able to use their Hotel Key for parking access. 

What happens when I update the guest's stay or their room number in StayCard?

The changes are pushed to the Flash system and are reflected in the Flash Valet app for valet operations, or the Admin Portal for Self-Park operations. No need to manually update the guest information on the Flash side.  Changes may take around 30 seconds to take effect on the Flash end. 


  • StayNTouch is a cloud-based solution and does not require a local computer to run the integration.
  • It may take about 30 seconds for a guest or any folio updates to show in the Flash system. 


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