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Types of Reports

Your Parkonect system lets you view live, exportable, cloud-based data. To get started, go to Dashboard > Insights > Reports. You will see the Report menu’s navigation box and may generate reports or export them to Excel.

(Figure 5.5: Report Menu Navigation)

From the Reports menu, you will see a Reporting Category that is color coded to specific reports pertaining to different garage data. The “Frequently Run” section shows you all the reports that were accessed and viewed from newest to oldest.

The “Run Report” quick link allows you to access a particular report, build it around the garage preferences you need, and generate the data with one click of a button. As mentioned above, the OnDemand Reporting allows you to generate and export reports to Excel.

Categories of Reports

  • Revenue & Validations Reports:
    • Garage Summary Report: Detailed activity records, including tickets issued, revenue collection, validation usage and vends by type.
    • Credit Card Sales Report: Breakdown of credit card collections by credit card type and revenue channel.
    • Total Revenue Report: Summary of revenue by type.
    • Revenue by Rate Report: Breakdown of revenues by rate band.
    • Rebill Vendor Report: Detail of balance to be collected from vendors using “On Demand” or direct rebill collection for penalty fees.
    • Validations Summary: Detail of validation usage with underlying ticket data, date of use and validation value. This report can be run in summary or by specific validation.
  • Occupancy Reports:
    •  Car Count by Type Report: Hourly entries, exits and net car movements broken down by transient, monthly, presale and other types.
    • Presale Count Report: Matrix of entries, exit and net car movements by hour by presale vendor.
    • Monthly Count Report: Activity/Occupancy report of monthly cardholders broken down by hour and sortable at the account level.
  • Monthly Parking Reports:
    • Account Summary: A detail listing of monthly parkers in your garage.
    • Account History Use Report: View in/out records for individual monthly parkers.
  • 3rd Party Presale Reports:
    • Reservation Summary Report: Summary of reservations by vendor, including units sold, gross and net price and the ability to run this by start, end or order date.
    • Reservation Sales Report: Transactional listing of reservations by vendor with the ability to run this by start, end or order date.
    • API Change Log Report: Detailed tracking of changes made to 3rd party reservations post purchase.
    • Reservation Cancellation Report: Detail of all reservations that have been cancelled by presellers/vendors.
  • Audit & Back Office Reports
    • Manual Logins & Logouts: Records of manual adjustments made by users.
    • Pay at Garage Log: Transactional detail of all garage activity for a specified time period exported in excel.
    • Monthly Parker Log: Transactional detail of all monthly cardholder activity exported in excel.
    • Failed Scans Log: Detailed report of all failed scans exported in excel.
    • API Vend Log: Report of all vends triggered by gate kits or through an API

Garage Summary Report

The Garage Summary Report (see Figure 5.6.A) is your primary tool for reconciling garage activity. Choose your garage from the drop-down menu and select a date range to generate a Garage Summary Report.

(Figure 5.6: Garage Summary Report)

(Figure 5.6.A: Garage Summary Report)

There are five main sections:

  • Tickets Dispensed: This shows the starting, ending, and a total number of tickets dispensed during the time range you select. The number of skipped tickets, if applicable, will also be displayed here.
  • Credit Card Sales: Credit card transactions during the time range selected, broken down by parker type and point of sale. A separate field exists for presales. Red text indicates linked data: click and see a list of all parkers in a selected category, sorted by barcode.
  • Validations: The total number of validations used during the time range you select, sorted by validation type. This section also indicates how many parkers owed a remaining balance after using a validation. Use this information to fine-tune validation values and pricing, track usage, and compare validation activity to garage activity as a whole.
  • Manually Entered: A counter of manual logins and logouts during the time range selected.
  • Gate Vends: A counter of gate vends during the time range. These are broken down by lane location and parker type.

Note that colored text represents linked data. Click these items to view a table of selected parkers sorted by barcode. To make effective use of the Garage Summary Report, observe how the different sections of the report relate to each other:

  • Validated tickets with a remaining balance due will count as credit card sales.
  • Manual logins and logouts are counted as entry and exit vends, respectively.
  • You can reconcile exit vends against the total number of credit card sales, validations used, and manual logins/logouts.

Some Parkonect systems include specialty products like fixed event modules or pay-on-foot stations. These products, when installed, have entries on the Garage Summary Report and, when appropriate, seamlessly integrate with the data generated by your standard Parkonect products.

Account Summary

The Account Summary (see Figure 5.7.A) lists the status of all monthly parkers.

(Figure 5.7: Account Summary)

(Figure 5.7.A: Account Summary)

Each parker is sorted by account, barcode, first and last name, activity status, activation date, and date of last use. You can filter results by account or by account activity status.

To view a log of all monthly activity, use the Monthly Tab on the Garage Log.

Manual Logins and Logouts

The Manual Logins & Logouts Report (see Figure 5.8.A) shows a list of manual logins and logouts performed at your garage for the selected date range.

(Figure 5.8: Manual Logins & Logouts)

(Figure 5.8.A: Manual Logins & Logouts)

Each manual action is broken down by barcode, barcode prefix, entry time (if applicable), reason code, the user who performed the manual action, exit time (if applicable), and the section of the Garage Log on which the manual action was performed and may be further researched.

Presale Count Report

The Presale Count Report (see Figure 5.9.A) breaks down online presales by hour, by vendor, and feeds directly into the Gate Vends section of the Garage Summary Report.

(Figure 5.9: Presale Count Report)

(Figure 5.9.A: Presale Count Report)

There are three ways to run this report: as an entry report, an exit report, or an in-garage count report. Make your selection from the Type drop-down menu. Each cell of the Presale Count Report contains linked data. Click on a cell to display barcodes and detailed arrival/exit information for each reservation sorted into that hour.

Car Count by Type Report

The Car Count by Type Report (see Figure 5.10.A) breaks down occupancy data by parker classification.

(Figure 5.10: Car Count by Type Report)

(Figure 5.10.A: Car Count by Type Report)

Furthermore, there are three ways to run the Car Count by Type Report: as an entry count report, an exit count report, or a net count report. Make your selection from the Type drop-down menu. Each red cell of the report contains linked data. Click on a cell to display barcodes and detailed information for each reservation sorted into that hour.

Reservation Summary Report

The Reservation Summary (see Figure 5.11.A) shows the number of online presales for a selected date range, sorting by product type or vendor source.

(Figure 5.11: Reservation Summary)

(Figure 5.11.A: Reservation Summary)

Gross revenue, fees, and net remit are shown for each vendor. The aggregated parker-by-parker data is available in the Reservation Sales Report for a broader view of presale activity, including a vendor-by-vendor accounting of sales and revenue.

Reservation Cancellation Report

The Reservation Cancellation Report (see Figure 5.12.A) shows a detailed summary of all reservations canceled by third party sellers.

(Figure 5.12: Reservation Cancellation Report)

(Figure 5.12.A: Reservation Cancellation Report)

Based on the data from the Reservation Summary Report, the Reservation Cancellation Report allows you to generate a detailed list of all the reservations canceled by third party sellers.

API Change Log Report
The API Change Log Report (see Figure 6.1.A) shows detailed tracking of changes made to third party reservations post purchase.

(Figure 6.1: API Change Log Report)

(Figure 6.1.A: API Change Log Report)

Within the API Change Log Report, you can see specific changes that were made to third party reservations. Changes may include reservation cancellations and or time extensions.

Reservation Sales Report

Reservation Sales Report (see Figure 6.2.A) is a comprehensive list of online presales and represents a detailed view of the data presented in the Reservation Summary.

(Figure 6.2: Reservation Sales Report)

(Figure 6.2.A: Reservation Sales Report)

Enter a start and end date and select whether you are searching by order date or start date. Each online pre-sale is listed and sorted by order ID, order date, reservation start date and time, vendor, price, fee, and net remit. You may also refine your results by vendor.

Taken together with the Reservation Summary, the Reservation Sales Report provides critical information on your parkers’ adoption of online sales, enabling you to make better-informed decisions about these ever-expanding sales channels.

Validation Summary

The Validation Summary (see Figure 6.3.A) lists validations used during the date range you select.

(Figure 6.3: Validation Summary)

(Figure 6.3.A: Validation Summary)

Each validation is sorted by barcode, validation name, the description given to the validation under the Validations module of the Garages menu, validation type, the time the validation was used, the validator (if applicable), gross amount due, and final amount paid.

Other Reports

Other reports you can run from the Reports menu (if applicable to your location) include:

  • Account Rebill Count Report by Day: Daily report of usage and billable spaces by monthly account.
  • Account Rebill Count Report by Month: Monthly report of usage and billable spaces by monthly account.
  • API Validations: Detailed report of all validations generated by a 3rd party.
  • Parking Pass Generator Count Report: Detailed report of all Parking Passes issued for a specified date range.
  • Parking Pass Generator Count Rebill Report – Overage: Reconciliation report of all overage revenues to be rebilled to validation tenants.
  • Promo Code Usage Report: Promo-code redemption activity on reservations made through Parkonect’s reservation engine.
  • Vend Detail: View all vends whether exit or entry for a specific date range sorted by time, vendor, and barcode.

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