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It’s easy to create, edit, and manage different types of users on your Parkonect system.

  • If you want to adjust your personal settings, you will use the Profile icon.
  • If you want to adjust team member’s settings, you will use the Teams menu

(Figure 3.1: Team and Profile Settings Navigation)

Manage Users and Company Settings


To edit your password, contact information, or other personal data, go to the Dashboard > Profile icon
(see Figure 3.1).

(Figure 3.2: Profile Settings)

  • You can change your name, address, city, state, ZIP code, phone number, alert preferences, cell phone number, password, or email at any time.
  • It is not necessary to add a vehicle to use your Parkonect system, but it is recommended.
  •  Note the Cell Carrier drop-down menu. Please select the correct cell carrier for the number you provide.
    Checking Alert Via Email is recommended.
  • It is not possible to change your username. If you are unsatisfied with your username, you must ask your Customer Administrator to create a new Parkonect account for you.
  • You will be notified by email if your email address or password is updated.

Edit Team Members

To manage users under your authority, go to the Dashboard > Team > Users. From this menu, you may perform a wildcard search of users you are authorized to view. Search by:

  • First or last name
  • Username
  • User type
  • Customer
  • Activity status.

(Figure 3.3: User Management)

You can select the user you would like to edit or you add a new one by clicking the “Add New User” button at the top right of the page.

  •  Authorized users may deactivate a managed user at any time.
  • It is possible to change a user’s password. It is not possible to change their username.
  • You can only change users to a user type with fewer permissions than your user type.
  • Check the garages or accounts you want a user to administer. Uncheck to remove privileges item by item.
  • An email address may only be tied to one account at a time in our system.
  • User types:
    • Customer Administrator: has master permissions for all sites associated with a parking operator (and Parkonect customer). Customer Administrators may control which sites any user type below them may supervise and edit. A customer administrator also has the ability to activate and deactivate a site.
    • Garage Administrator: the garage administrator can view all logs, pull all reports and edit any garage-level settings, including monthly accounts and rate tables.
    • Parking Manager: has access to view all logs, pull all reports and modify/add monthly accounts and cardholders. Parking Managers cannot change any garage settings, including rate tables.
    • Account Level User: account level users only have access to specifically chosen monthly accounts for add/edit/review functionality. These users have access to monthly/account-related reporting only and have no access to garage-level settings or financial information. Parking operators can provide Account Level User access to their clients, such as residential property managers
    • Accounting: full access to reports, no access to garage-level settings.
    • Validator: Validator users are limited to validating transient or providing parking passes (via Parkonect’s Parking Pass Generator – see separately Parking Pass Generator Manual). Validator users are limited to the specific garage and validations that they are granted access to in their profile. These users have no access to logs, reports or garage-level settings.
    • Tenant: Tenant users are specific to Parkonect’s eCoupon function. Please refer to the eCoupon Book manual for further details.
    • Remote Users: Users that cannot change garage-level settings but may view logs, manually enter and validate parkers and run reports in real-time.

Edit Company

Customer Administrators may edit their company-related settings. In addition to location information and custom design tools for your free reservation system, the Company page on the Team menu (see Figure 3.4) allows the creation of multiple parking management companies (i.e. regions) under one customer, enabling you to easily organize even the most diverse portfolio of garages and management partners.

(Figure 3.4: Company Settings)

  • You may change the contact information for your organization at any time. These fields are separate from garage-level contact settings and will not override your garage-level preferences.
  • Upload a custom logo and choose from several color schemes for your Parkonect Reservation system. For more information, please request Parkonect’s Reservation System Manual.
  • This page may only be accessed by Customer Administrators. If you require the ability to edit company-level settings but do not have the appropriate system permissions, please contact your Customer Administrator.

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