Parkonect: Dashboard Overview

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The Dashboard is the nerve center of the Parkonect system. From, you can control your garage, view live data, and run detailed reports. Figure 0.1 shows the Dashboard and its main functions.

Quick Links

The Quick Links bar on the left side of the Dashboard gives you “One Click” power to quickly navigate to the pages you will use most in your Parkonect System. Simply select the garage and the menu of Quick Links will appear.

Real Time Activity

Total Revenue Chart

View your garage’s sources of revenue for the month at-a-glance. This chart is interactive and will show you daily values if you hover the mouse across the data.

  • Transient Revenue includes traditional ticket sales as well as collections made by On Demand apps such as ParkMobile.
  • Presale Revenue is for reservation sales, including third-party sales such as SpotHero and ParkWhiz as well as reservation sales made using the Parkonect Reservation Engine. All Presales are calculated based on start date.
  • Other revenue includes validation sales and early entry/overage fees collected at the garage for presales that have stayed in excess of their purchased time.

Live Occupancy

Shows a categorized chart of live occupancy along with gate vends for the day just below. If you click on each category value, the system will instantly generate a detailed report showing counts by type by hours. 

Today’s Presales

For garages preselling parking, you can see in real-time how many parkers have pre-purchased for the day and how many of these are in the garage, have left the garage, and have yet to check-in. If you click any of the values shown, a detailed report will appear giving you further transactional information.

Heads Status

Instantly see the status of your Parkonect equipment. Your Parkonect equipment routinely does a “handshake” with the Parkonect cloud. From this process, if we determine the equipment has gone offline, the lane will become red on the dashboard and email notifications will be sent out to team members you pre-select, as shown in Figure 0.5 below. To disable lane-down notifications, you simply “click” the alarm icon and a confirmation message will appear before notifications are turned off. When the lane goes back online, the system will send a “lane up” email; however, notifications will need to be re-enabled to get emails for future head status changes.

Aged Parkers

Keeping your garage counts accurate is very important. Our Aged Parker section accumulates transient and presale customers that have been in the garage for an extended time period. By clicking the Aged Parker number (i.e. the “36” in Figure 0.3 above), our system will show you a detailed report of each Aged Parker and gives you the ability to take action (log them out or otherwise), as shown in Figure 0.5 below. If a parker is logged out using the Aged Parker function, this activity will show up in the Manual Check-in/Out report.

System Navigation Tools

  • Dashboard: Click from any page to return to the Dashboard.
  • Team: Manage users and your Company’s account settings.
  • Garages: Edit garage-level settings, view scheduled rates, and manage residential vouchers.
  • Insights: Run detailed reports at any time from any Internet-connected device. View detailed sales & utilization data with the analytics feature.
  • Live Data: View all garage activity in real-time and list reservation information for your garage.
  • Profile (icon): Edit your personal settings, see any purchases you have made on a Parkonect reservation page and log out.

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