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You can create custom, limited-use promotion codes for your Parkonect reservation system. Patrons may apply a valid promo code at the point of sale when reserving parking online. We offer two types of discount codes:

  • Dollars Off: Subtracts a fixed dollar amount from the amount due.
  • Percent Off: Reduces the amount due by a user-defined percentage.

Add/Edit a Promo Code

To create new promo codes or edit existing codes, navigate to the Promos module on the Garages menu. Go to the Dashboard, select your site from the Garages menu, and select Promos from the Modules pane (see Figure 3.1).


The Promos menu (see Figure 3.2) shows a list of all promo codes created for your garage. Note the Active field and Start Date / End Date fields. These indicate whether a promo code is eligible for use. To create a new promo code, click Add New Promotion. To edit an existing promo code, find the code you wish to edit and click Select.


Promo Code Options


The following options are available when customizing a new promo code (see Figure 3.3):

  • Promotion Code: Choose the promo code that patrons will enter at point of sale. This must begin with the letter ‘P’.
  • Description: Enter a description of your promo code—this makes it easier to find if you want to edit your code at a later date.
  • Active: Check/uncheck to activate/deactivate the promo code.
  • Max Number of Uses: Cap the number of patrons who may use a promo code in this box. Enter ‘0’ for unlimited uses.
  • Web Enabled: Restrict the parking products with which a promo code may be used. Check all products to allow patrons to use your promo code on all purchases. Consult the Post Parking menu to determine parking product types.
  • Dollars Off: Check for promo codes that reduce the amount due by a fixed dollar amount. Enter the dollar amount here.
  • Percent Off: Check for promo codes that reduce the amount due by a percentage. Enter the percentage here.
  • Start Date: Choose when patrons may begin using your promo code.
  • Ending Date: Choose when your promo code expires.

When you are finished, click Save Promotion to finalize your changes. Now, you must choose which products are eligible for your new promo code on an individual basis.

Enable a Promo Code


To enable a promo code for a specific parking product, go to the Post Parking module and select the parking product you wish to modify. Note the Available Promo Codes box on the right side of the page. This will list all eligible promo codes for this parking product. Check the tick box next to any promo code you wish to turn on (you may enable multiple promo codes).

When you are finished, click Update and Return. Patrons will now be able to apply the promo code when reserving parking on your reservation system.

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