Parkonect Report Category: Revenue & Validations

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This section will summarize revenue (monies) and validations that have been collected and used at your location(s). Adjust the start/end date and click the view button to see additional details. Export as needed.

Total Revenue Report: Summary of all revenues collected by type. Provides transaction details for a given time period. Also breaks it out by transaction type and provides each transaction detail in an exportable report.

Garage Summary Report: Reconciliation report of all garage activity for a specified date range. Provides # of tickets dispensed per lane, Provides sales summary, Provides a summary of where & how $ is collected, Provides summary of totals collected by CC type, Provides summary of validations used by Prefix, Provides summary of tickets converted to hotel, Provides summary of gate vends by source, entry  & exit, and total, Provides summary of revenue by lane.


Revenue by Rate Report: Summary report of revenues collected at the garage level by rate band  Provides detailed revenue by rates totals based on Non-Specials Provides detailed revenue by rate totals based on specials (Early Bird Special, etc...)

Credit Card Sales Report: Summary of all credit card transactions by type  Provides detailed revenue by type of credit card (visa etc..) Provides detailed transactions by parker type (transient, monthly, presales,etc...)

Validation Summary Report Detail: Detailed report of all validation usage by date range Note: Can run for all validations or pick a specific validation (for billing back purposes)  Provides detailed data on the vaildation description (thus why descriptions should be clear & unique) Provides detailed data on the type (%, flat, rate sheet, minutes), time validated, duration, who validated (if using, the gross the parker would have paid, final paid (with validation deducted)

Transient Ticket Summary Report: Provides detailed data on tickets dispensed by entry (range, starting ticket#, Ending ticket#, total issued). Also # of closed and open tickets. Provides detailed data on closed tickets (how they were closed) 

Open Transient Tickets Report: Provides detailed data on open tickets (barcode, lane of entry, LP if LPR enabled, Date & time pulled, date of last scan (preflight mostly), and age of open ticket(s)

Closed Transient Tickets: Report Note: Can pick specific closed type of ticket  or select all. 

Provides detailed data on closed tickets (barcode, promo/validation, lane of entry, date of entry/exit & duration, the amount charged, and type (validation, cc, grace period, etc..)

Validation Rebill Report: Allows you to run a report based on specific validation (or all) and apply a specific rate sheet to that validation to rebill and or show how much their client saved to show value. 

Provides detailed data on closed tickets (barcode, promo/validation #, validation description, lane of entry, date of entry/exit & duration, calculated rate based on the rate sheet you apply. Defaults to the default rate sheet so must adjust the rate sheet & click generate a report to get adjusted cost for rebilling.


Validation Summary Report High Level: Count of validations used per name/ description, type, gross due, final paid. Note: Can run for all validations or pick a specific validation.

Validation Print Log: Data of generated validations (print your own) including validation prefix, description, print name, total count, used, username who printed, print date, start & end date. Note: Can run for all validations or pick a specific validation.

Revenue Report: Essentially a combined report on revenue, validations, and tickets. See detail on those breakouts.

 Revenue by Lane: Report of # of transactions and gross credit per payment lane / POF.

Transaction Log: Report all transactions. Data includes amount date, parker type, payment type, lane, and barcode.

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