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FLASH Vision’s Cloud Dashboard, or Local Dashboard, is your go-to resource to track all events/results in real-time, search for a specific event, generate customizable downloadable reports, and much more.


Dashboard Access

During the 30-day observation and calibration period you won’t be able to access the dashboard. Once the observation period is complete, access credentials are granted.

If you don’t have access to your login information or are unable to log in for any other reason, send an email to support@flashparking.com  and we’ll resolve your access issue as soon as possible.

Access the FLASH Vision Portal at https://vision.flashparking.com

Portal Navigation

The main tabs of the portal are Places, Overview, and Reports. The sections below outline the functions and components of the respective tabs.


Once logged in, the dashboard defaults to the Places Tab. This tab displays all the places within an organization. Each Place is a Location configured with a FLASH vision LPR system. Each place may have multiple cameras.

Camera Count

The camera icon indicates the number of active installed cameras in a Place. The three-dots icon provides the option to download reports or view site details.

Download Report

Reports are accessible directly from the Places tab. This may be helpful if your organization has multiple Places. Next to the camera icon, click more > Download report. For more information about reports, refer to the Reports section below.

Live Grid

The Live Grid gives you an overview of the cameras being monitored at the selected place. To view it, select a place in the Places tab. The dashboard will migrate to the Cameras page where you can see a grid showing recent events (camera interactions) at each camera at a place. New and unviewed events are outlined in orange.

Below is a list of on-screen elements and a description of their function:

  • Full screen: Toggles between Fullscreen mode.

  • Slider: Controls the grid view of cameras per screen.

  • Add New Cam: Allows you to add a new camera to a place.

  • More : Provides the option to edit or delete individual cameras.


The Events page provides a view of all the entry and exit events generated from a camera in real time. To access the events page, follow the steps below.

1. At the top, click Places.

2. Select a place.

3. Select a camera.

The options below are found on the Events page.

  • Camera Selection: Select which cameras you want to see events from.

  • Filters: Filter what events (entry and exit) are being viewed. This is useful if searching for a particular event/parker. You can filter by Recent events, Date range, and Priority.

  • Tag: For example - database, vehicle_category, or vehicle_color.

  • Event List: See a list of events sorted by recency.

  • Download Event Reports: Go to the Reports section for more information about reports.

  • Event Search: Search by event details. License plate or capture time.

  • Event Toggle: Toggle the Event auto-refresh option on or off.

  • Edit event: Edit or delete an event.

  • Event details: Open the selected event in a separate window.

  • Event controls: View the previous event, next event, or view events as a slideshow.

  • Event Auto Refresh: On or Off

View Event Details

Select an event to view the details below.

  • License plate number (lp)

  • Database - Shows if the lp is recorded in the config portal (Uncanny). Either matched or unmatched.

  • Vehicle category: Truck, car, etc.

  • Dwell Time: How long the vehicle stayed in the lane before proceeding through the gate.

  • Confidence: The software’s certainty that it’s associated the correct license plate to the correct vehicle.

  • Direction: Entry or Exit.

  • License plate pictures: Aerial and closeup pictures of the associated license plate.

NOTE: The fields below appear, but aren't used:
- Priority
- Event type


The overview tab contains the FLASH Vision dashboard's overall status and team information. The information below can be found and/or edited in the overview tab.

  • Org Info: The organization’s profile that’s being viewed.

  • Overall Status: Displays the information below
    • Places: Number of locations within an organization equipped with FLASH Vision LPR systems.
    • Cameras: Total number of FLASH Vision cameras installed at all places within an organization.

  • Team Members: Number of team members with access to the FLASH Vision portal. E-MAIL ID: Assigned user email address.

  • Role: Assigned user role that determines the dashboard's access level. There are three different user types.
    • ADMIN: Can add/edit users
    • REGULAR: View only 

To add or edit member accounts contact support@flashparking.com.


The Reports page enables you to download reports for offline use. Reports can be downloaded in an Excel or PDF format. To download a report, follow the steps below.

 1. On the top right of the events page, next to the Event toggle, click download

2. On the page that opens, in the Event fields dropdown, select all the items to include in the report.

3. In the Event Images dropdown, select the type of image that you want to include in the report.

  •  Primary Image: An overhead view of the lane captured during an event.

  • Secondary Image: A closeup of the license plate captured during an event.

4. Next to the page selector, click either save or download.

  • Save: Prepares the report with the associated event images and is downloadable only as a PDF.

  • Download: Prepares the report without images and is downloadable as a PDF or Excel file.

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