Flash IQ: Dashboard Filters and Customization

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A Monthly Parker filter is now available on the Flash IQ dashboards. This allows you to determine whether to have Monthly Parker data included with your charts as needed. 

This filter defaults to include Monthly Parkers. 

While Flash IQ does not currently include Monthly Parker revenue data, Monthly Parker data is included in the Occupancy charts.


Flash IQ now supports custom date ranges for all dashboard widgets. In order to specify a custom date, choose Custom from the date drop down.

Flash IQ will display the Custom Date Range form in a modal dialog.

The custom date range form provides you with the option of either starting with the Date Range drop down or directly specifying values in the Start Date and End Date fields, which will automatically set the drop down to Custom


The Custom Dashboard feature allows you to create and save your own customized dashboards by modifying one of the existing main dashboards in one or more of the following ways:

  • Repositioning charts: Simply drag the charts to reposition them on the dashboard.

  • Adding and removing charts.

  • Modifying chart parameters: Simply change the chart parameter and save.

Completing any of the above will automatically show the Save Custom Dashboard button. Your Saved Custom Dashboards are only visible to the creating user. Other users logged into the Flash IQ portal will not see the custom dashboards. 

It is important to note that the main dashboards cannot be overwritten. Each custom dashboard that is saved is nested as an child of the main dashboard.

Repositioning Charts 

A chart widget can be repositioned on the dashboard by dragging it into a new position with the mouse.

Adding Charts

Click the green Add Dashboard Widget button to select a chart to add to the dashboard. Chart widget

can be added multiple times, which is useful, because different default parameters can be specified for

each instance. This allows you to view the same data for different periods of time within the same


Simply select the charts you want to add to your custom dashboard:

Removing Charts

A chart widget can be removed from a dashboard by clicking the “X” located on the top right side of the chart.

The system will confirm the decision to remove a chart from the dashboard. 

Saving Custom Dashboard

Once you makes a change to the current dashboard, a “Saved Customized Dashboard” becomes available, which allows them to create your own customized dashboard.

Enter the title for the custom dashboard and press “Save”. 

Once created, the system will automatically redirect you to your new custom dashboard, which will show up as a sub-item beneath the original dashboard. In this example, the Home dashboard was modified, and the custom dashboard is displayed as a child on that menu. 

A custom dashboard can be subsequently changed and used to either create a new custom dashboard or to overwrite the original custom dashboard.

Delete Custom Dashboard

To delete a custom dashboard, click the “X” to the right of the custom dashboard menu item.

The system will confirm the decision to remove the custom dashboard. 

The Save Dashboard feature now has the ability to save date parameters and custom date ranges. 


The auto-refresh drop down empowers you to specify in minutes how often the chart data automatically refreshes. This is especially useful in that it allows for an automatic refresh of data for real-time charts and equipment health without having to explicitly refresh the page.

The auto-refresh feature is especially useful for the Health dashboard in keeping up-to-the-minute on the health status of Locations and Kiosks.


The Flash IQ portal will categorize and present PARCS, Valet, and Flash Mobile (Metered parking) information based on ticket types.


The dashboard will display revenue data categorized by ticket type, parker, and tender. Additionally, it will provide occupancy information based on ticket type and parker.

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