Flash PARCS: Replace the Proximity Card (RFID) Reader

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This article shows how to replace the Proximity Card (RFID) Reader in a Flash Kiosk.


Follow the steps below to remove and replace the RFID reader.

Step 1. Gather tools

The tool below is needed.

  • 5/16 socket or wrench

Step 2. Open the Kiosk

1. Open the Flash Kiosk with the kiosk key.

2. Turn off the kiosk with the switch on the surge protector at the bottom.

Step 3. Remove the RFID reader

3. Gently press down and pull out the black connector that’s plugged into the RFID reader, then carefully cut off the zip tie.

4. Use a 5/16 socket or wrench to remove the four 6-32 nuts that hold the RFID reader and its assembly plate to the kiosk.

Step 4. Install the new RFID reader

5. Reposition the new RFID reader into the pre-existing gasket and align the holes on the RFID reader assembly with the pre-existing studs.

6. Tighten the nut in the top right corner until snug. This nut rests on the assembled barcode scanner mounting bracket which serves as a place marker in this application.

7. Tighten the nuts onto the three remaining studs. Tighten these until there is 1-2 threads showing.

8. Plug the black connector back into the RFID reader (red wire should be on the left). If you have another zip tie, zip tie the cable into the zip tie mount located on the back of the reader.

Step 5. Turn on the kiosk

9. Turn on the Flash kiosk with the switch on the surge protector. The red light on the surge protector will turn on indicating that the power is on.

Video Tutorial

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