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Flash Log is a web-based tool for searching logs, enabling you to find events and transactions from kiosks, at any time.

How to Search for a Log

1. Log in to the Flash Log portal with the same credentials from the Admin Portal.

  • Only Administrator and Operations roles have access to Flash Log.

2. Select Company

3. Select Location

4. Select Kiosk

5. Select Log Type(s)

6. Choose Log Date

7. Pick hour and minute

8. Select Variance (5-15-30-60 min). The time range the log will be run for will be displayed on the right.

Log Results

Date: Date and time the event occurred.

Kiosk: Indicates the kiosk or lane where the event took place.

Type: Shows the log type (Success, Information, Denied, or Exception).

Item: Shows the item that made the event occur. The Item column will normally show Ticket Numbers, RFID tags, etc.

Activity: Provides a brief detail of what occurred. 


  • You can refresh, modify, or start a new search from the top of the log table.
  • You can export log search results to Excel by pressing the “Export to Excel” button, above the log table.
  • You can also search within a log after you run it by using the Search bar on the log table.
  • Logs can be pulled from one kiosk at a time.
  • It is not a live feed; you'll need to refresh it to see new activity.
  • Voided tickets do NOT appear in Flash Log (Run the Location Voids report to view this information).

Log Types


The Success log will show all transactions that occur without issue. Anything that goes from an entry or exit activity to a successfully paid ticket will show here.

  • Entry kiosks: These kiosks will normally show Ticket Issued and NFC Entry Granted on the Activity column.
  • Exit kiosks: Will show activities such as Ticket Found.
  • POFs: Ticket Found and Ticket Paid are the activities that will commonly be displayed here.


The Information log registers alert-like occurrences. You will primarily see “Vend Gate” type of occurrences when searching for this log and also the Support Calls that were made, however, you will also find records of downtime due to network issues.

For Internet connection instability occurrences specifically, the record of that event is tracked and stored locally at the kiosk. The Kiosk will keep this on a temporary file that is deleted if the computer is restarted, so if the computer is power-cycled after the Internet instability event occurred, but before it is back online, the event will not be shown on Flash Log.

The Information log also registers External Payment Error activities. This will be primarily shown when a third party is in charge of collecting payment for a ticket and the payment collection fails.

If an employee uses the Flash Valet app to vend the gate or toggle it to stay open, it will be displayed on Flash Log with a note next to the activity.


The Denied logs will display any denial event based on a reason which is typically presented to the parker, i.e. NFC Denied Entry because the card is disabled. In short, any time the parker tried to Enter or Exit but was denied because of any non-error reason will show here.


The Exception log will register error-type events, these are also normally shown to the parker on the Kiosk screen. Unexpected issues such as prox card not found, ticket not found, parking voucher not found, NFC Tag not found, etc., are tracked by the Exception log.


Here's a list of reports that show similar information:

  • Contact Center Detail: Shows Support Calls Initiated.
  • Location Issued Ticket Detail: Shows Ticket Number, Arrival Time and price.
  • Location Trans Detail: Shows paid tickets with duration and tender type.
  • Location Transaction Detail Paid By: Shows paid tickets with arrival and departure dates.
  • Flash PARCS Vend Exceptions: Shows when the gate was opened from any platform.
  • Location Kiosk Exceptions and Denials: Shows Exceptions, Denials and Information log types.
  • Monthly Arrival And Departure Detail: Shows monthly parker's arrival and departure details, with their RFID Tag number and Duration Time.
  • Location Voids: Shows all voided tickets, this is useful because voided tickets don't show up on Flash Log.
  • Flash PARCS Kiosk Alert History: Displays logs related to information, such as paper alerts, cash machine alerts, and internet connection alerts.


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