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The Advanced Customer Support module is a call center tool that provides support representatives with an array of options to assist in lane and pay-on-foot parkers. Support Representatives are able to view comprehensive account and transactional information that allows them to resolve issues quickly and remotely. This Article provides an overview of how to use the Customer Support Portal.

Access the Support Portal

Access the portal in a desktop web browser using the URL: Need access? Contact an Admin user for your location.

Support Queue

The initial screen showcases the support call queue, consisting of calls originating from a Flash PARCS kiosk.

The support contact number is established within the Flash Admin portal. When a call comes in, a support agent attends to it through an external phone system; it's important to note that the voice call itself doesn't occur within the Support Portal.

Several locations can be associated with a single Support "Company," enabling support agents to provide assistance to multiple parking facilities using just one login.

Accept a Call

After the call is answered, the agent will choose the "Accept" option next to the corresponding queued support call.

1. Answer incoming calls via a separate phone system (the voice phone call will not take place through this portal).

2. Accept the call with the Lane Name that you are ready to address. Once the call is accepted, the system removes the call from the queue and the view of other agents.

3. The portal will now direct them to the ticket lookup and support tool.

Create New Call 

If a customer contacts the support number using a different line than the kiosk's support line, the call will not be visible in the queue for acceptance. In such cases, to assist the customer, the agent will need to click on the "Create New Call" button. This action will lead them to the ticket lookup and support tool options.

Initiate Voice Call

The "Initiate Voice Call" option serves the same purpose as "Create New Call" in creating a call manually. However, it has an additional functionality: it also triggers a call to the kiosk, allowing the support agent to directly communicate with the customer at the lane. This feature is useful for providing proactive assistance if the customer seems to be encountering difficulties or if a previous phone call was disconnected.

Upon selecting "Initiate Voice Call," the phone associated with the Support Number will start ringing and establish a connection with the audio system of the kiosk once the call is answered by the support agent. 

1. Click Initiate Voice Call and select the intended location, logical zone, and kiosk to call.

2. Select Place Voice Call to initiate the call.

The Initiate Voice Call feature must be enabled by Flash Support for full functionality. Please contact for assistance.

Clean Up Tickets

The Clean Up Tickets option in the Customer Support portal functions in the same manner as the Clean Up Tickets tool in the Flash Admin portal. 

This functionality can be executed without the need to accept a call from the Support queue. This feature was developed specifically for on-site garage attendants who use the tool to efficiently set Monthly parkers to a neutral state, eliminating the requirement to log in to another site.

1. Select Clean Up Tickets > choose Company > Location > Logical Zone (if applicable) > Ticket Type > select a Issued Before Date.

To display all currently issued tickets, choose a future date.

Free Exits

The Free Exit option within the Customer Support portal operates the same as the Grant Free Exit button in the Flash Admin portal. On this screen, all associated locations are listed, and by clicking the Free Exits button, Monthly accounts will be provided a Free Exit if they entered the parking facility without their Entry being recorded.

Call History

The Call History allows users to view any previous calls.

  • Ticket: the ticket number will be visible for linked transient tickets.
  • Name: Name associated with the linked Monthly account.
  • Kiosk: the kiosk the call originated from or the kiosk linked to the call if created manually. 
  • Call Date: Date and time the call was initiated. 
  • Accepted Date: The date and time the agent accepted the call.
  • Accepted By Resolved Date: Date and time the agent closed the call. 
  • Notes: Required notes before closing the call.

Assist Transient Parkers

Search for a Ticket

1. At the top menu, select Transient.

2. Select the Search tab.

3. Enter the parker's entry method details (ticket number, mobile number, or last four (4) of credit card) into the search fields and click Search.

4. Select the ticket to view details and take an action.

Transient Actions

You can take the actions below for transients at the kiosk.

  • Push a new price to the kiosk: Under the Details tab, choose a Price from the Select Price drop-down menu. This option links a new price to the ticket and calculates the amount due.
    • Select Submit to save the price change, and the customer can use the original entry ticket to exit the facility. This option can be used if the customer is not in front of the kiosk at the time of the call. 
    • Select Send Ticket to Kiosk if the customer is in front of the kiosk and ready to pay for the ticket. 

  • Push a Lost Ticket to the kiosk: Select the Lost Ticket Tab and choose an arrival date and time to calculate the amount due.
    • Select Get Current Price to preview the the amount due. 
    • Select Issue Ticket to send the amount due to the kiosk for customer payment.

  • Coupon / Validation Search: View printed Validation/Coupon barcode status (used or not used). Search by Validation or Coupon reference code provided on the printed barcode. 

  • If there's data on the "Burned At" field, this means the validation or coupon has been previously used.

The ticket price can't be changed once a parker has paid a ticket. Select Open Gate to allow the customer to exit without additional fees, followed by Close Call

Assist Monthly/Overnight Parkers

Search for an Account

To search for an account follow the steps below.

1. At the top menu, select Monthly/Overnight Self-Park.

2. Select the Search tab.

3. Enter account details

  • Tag number: RFID tag (prox card)
  • ID Card: Barcoded ID card
  • Name: Account or reservation name
  • Unit/Room: Hotel guest

4. Click Search.

5. Link the account to call.

Monthly Parker Account Actions

The various tabs and their options are listed below.

Details tab

You can take the action below in the Details tab.

  • Send Ticket: This sends a ticket to the entry kiosk when a monthly parker misplaces their prox card.

Activity tab

You can take the actions below in the activity tab.

  • Reset to Neutral: This option is disabled if the call is from an exit kiosk and the monthly has an active ticket.
  • Load Active Ticket: If the last action was an entry, select this option to simulate scanning the barcode on the exit and vend the gate. Use this option if guests left a pass in their room, for example.

Flash Pass

Search for a Pass

To search for a pass, follow the steps below.

1. At the top menu, select Flash Pass.

2. Select the Search tab.

3. Enter transaction details to search for a pass.

4. Select a pass to view the activity and take an action.

Flash Pass Actions

You can take the actions below from the details tab.

  • Send Ticket: This reprints a pass at the kiosk.
  • Refund Pass: This refund option is only available if the pass has not been used.
  • Load Active Ticket: If the last action was an entry, use this option to simulate scanning the barcode on the exit and vend the gate (e.g. use if a guest forgets their pass).

The Customer Support portal is designed to assist customers of PARCS-enabled facilities, the Valet Overnight tab will not have any functionality linked to the PARCS kiosks. This tab won't be used when searching for a ticket or account.

Agent Actions

After attempting to assist the parker the agent must at least do one of the following actions. 

  • Release Call: No action is taken and releases the call back to the call queue for other agents to view/accept.
  • Open Gate: Vends the gate, the system will require a reason to be entered or selected to open the gate. Always select Close Call after a gate vend. 
  • Close Call: This ends the call. The system will require a reason to close the call.

IMPORTANT: Agents should always choose Close Call after performing any action. The call must be closed for reports to capture the user that performed the action in the Support Portal.

Reason Codes

A Reason must be recorded before an agent can vend a gate or close a call. By default, the Reason field is an open note entry, but Reason Codes can be created to program set Reason options for agents to select. 

Reason Codes are created in the Flash Admin portal.

Reason Codes can be set to simply select the Reason Code and not enter a note, or a note can still be required if more information is needed. 

Create Support Agents

To create support agents, follow the steps below.

1. Go to and log in to the Admin Portal.

2. Select the Users tab and click Add New.

3. Enter the support agent details.

4. Optional: Select the Administrator flag to allow this agent access to create additional support agents.

5. Click Save.

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