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Rate Structures

At the highest level, a Rate Structure can be used to store and define the individual rates below it. For example, a facility may have one set of rates for customers with accounts, another set for transient parkers, and yet a 3rd set of rates for oversize vehicles. The facility has the flexibility to define completely different rates and rules for each structure.

Each Rate structure supports the following settings:

  • Active
    • Active Start Date 
    • Active End Date
  • Default – Sets this Rate Structure as the default Rate structure for vehicles without a specific structure defined. Only one Rate structure can be designated as the default. 
  • Alternate – Designates this structure as an alternate. This means that this structure can only be used if assigned to a ticket (through the use of ParkingIDs) 
  • Daily Maximum – Defines what the maximum charges are for either a 24-hour period or a calendar day. 
  • Discount After – This section allows the operator to define automatic discounts that kick in after a pre-defined period. 


Each Rate Structure can contain one or more Rates.

When calculating the amount due, the system can use only one Rate Structure. This is either assigned through the use of a ParkingID (defined later in this document), or by virtue of being the default Rate Structure.

Within a Rate structure, the system will scan through the individual rates comparing the drop-off time of the vehicle with the available times of the Rate. Once a match is found, it stops searching and applies that rate for as long as it is valid. If the selected rate becomes invalid during the period the vehicle was parked, the system will apply the rate for the period it was available and then search for a new rate for the remaining period.


Individual Rate records allow the facility to define separate charges for parking at defined periods. For example, a facility may have rates defined as Early Bird, Weekend Special, Transient, etc.


The rates can also be individually turned on and off as well as prioritized…

To edit the Rate Details of this Rate, the user would click on the Rate Detail link.

Rate Detail


The Rate Details section allows the operator to define the complex rules of an individual rate. The full individual rate screen is shown at the top of the column on the right. It is logically divided into four primary sections.


  • General Setting – This section defines the general properties of a Rate Detail
  • Time Restrictions – The center section is used to define the available drop-off times for this Rate Detail. 
  • Charges – This section defines the individual charges that can be imposed while this rate applies. 
  • Discount – This section allows the operator to define automatic discount parameters for the rate.


General Settings


The General Settings area of a Rate Detail record allows the operator to set the following values:

  • Rate Type- The rate type defines how the rate behaves. Available options are listed and defined below:
    • Transient
    • Early Bird
    • Delayed
  • Active – Defines whether the Rate Detail is active and for what period. 
  • Grace Period – Allows the patron to park for this period before being charged.
  • Exit Grace Period – Allows the patron to stay beyond the rate for the defined period without being charged. 
  • Initial Rate – If selected, the Rate Detail is only available during the initial period of a ticket. 
  • Exclusive Rate – If selected this rate is only available if the entire ticket duration falls within the available times of this rate
  • Delayed Rate – If selected this rate is only available after the vehicle has parked for a specified amount of time.

Time Restrictions

The time restrictions section defines availability periods for this rate. Options are available for each day of the week as well as specific periods within those days. 


The Charges section defines how much a patron is charged for their stay. The system supports assigning the following types of charges to a ticket:

  • No Charge – The patron is not charged while this rate is applied. 
  • Flat – The patron is charged a flat rate regardless of length of stay while this rate is applied.
  • Day – The patron is charged a specific amount for each calendar day or part thereof. 
  • Weekly – The Patron is charged a specified amount after their stay exceeds a configurable number of days (used in Delayed Rates). The system will allow the Patron to stay for exactly 7 days without incurring additional fees under this Rate. 
  • Monthly – The patron is charged a specified amount after their stay exceeds a configurable number of days (used in Delayed Rates). The system will allow the patron to stay one calendar month under this rate without incurring additional fees. 
  • Timed – The charges will be calculated based on the duration of their visit

Discount After

The Discount After section supports the automatic application of a discount after this rate was in effect for a specified period. The discount can be either a flat dollar amount or a percentage off.

Rate Test

Rates can be tested from the Rate Structure screen

  • Click Test Rates in the Rates Rates Testing and Publication Control Center

  1. Select the dates/time to test
  2. Select the rate structure to test
  3. Select the validation to test if desired
  4. Click Calculate to display the rates for this test

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