ZipPark: Sys Admin Users

Modified on Tue, 21 May at 10:00 AM

The User Setup (Users) page is accessed through Maintenance  > Users. This is where you add and maintain user security permissions.

Below you will find the user roles with a brief description of each.


All privileges associated with the Entry role plus the ability to cashier customers.

Allows users to cash out (and print a cashier's report) when they log out. Some operations want a manager to perform the cash out as a cash control procedure. In that case, this privilege would not be given to cashiers, only to managers.
Allows users to print valet tickets, both regular tickets and ZipTickets, update ZipTickets, enter the location of vehicles, enter a hotel room, and request vehicle retrievals. Basically all POS and handheld functions except Exiting customers (cashiering) and access to functions in the System menu.
Provides access to the Maintenance menu in System Administration, including all functions under that menu except User Maintenance.
Provides the user the ability to issue refunds.
Provides access to all reports in System Administration.
Allows a user to reprint tickets and receipts (if the user has Cashier privileges). Some operations do not want to allow attendants to reprint tickets because they can provide an opportunity for ticket abuse.
When updating ZipTickets this role allows the user to set the time the ticket was issued to the patron. The system can be configured to use as the ZipTicket's issuance time, its print time, or when the ZipUpdate is performed. There are cases where neither of those times is accurate enough so this privilege allows the user to choose any time between those. As far as the process is concerned, the attendant would either use a punch clock to stamp the issuance time on the ticket or handwrite it.
Provides full access to all functions in the system (POS, handheld, and System Administration), including user maintenance.

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