ZipPark: SysAdmin Auto-IDs and Events

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Auto-ID Data Formats

Auto-ID data formats are needed when barcodes on event reservations contain data in addition to the unique reservation ID. Barcode data will be matched to the table on this page and the reservation ID will be extracted based on the Reservation ID definition. If no match is found, the raw barcode data will be used to look up the reservation.

Regular expressions, or regex, are used for defining how to match barcode data and how to extract the reservation ID. 

For information on using regex, see .

To test your regular expressions, see .

  • Click Add Data Fromat to open the fields shown below.
  • To edit an existing record, click the pencil to the right of the existing record
  • To remove an existing record, click the trash can to the right of the existing record

Event Calendar

The event calendar allows for a quick view of upcoming events. Events may also be added and edited from this screen.

Adding an Event

  • To add an event click on the number of the day the event is on.
  • A new screen will open for the event details to be added.

Enter the following details

  • Event Name: Name of the event
  • Event Start: Day/Time the event starts
  • Event End: Day/Time the event ends

  1. Use the menu on the left to access the locations to be added to the event.
  2. Select the lots to be included in the event. Specify if cash is accepted and the amount of parking in that lot for the event in question.
  3. Click Save, a prompt appears stating changes have been saved.

Editing an Event

To edit an event, click the event name in the calendar. The event will open to the screens that were used to create it as described above.

Event VIP’s

People on an event's VIP list are allowed to park at a discount. The discount is determined by the "VIP
 Validation" is assigned to the parker.

  • Select the validation type configured under Maintenance| Validations
  • Select the event to add the VIPs
  • Click Add VIP to manually enter them or click Import VIPs


To manually add a VIP, click ADD VIP and enter the VIP Name and any other details such as address or other identifying information.

Import VIPs

From this page, VIPs can be imported from a file into an event's VIP list. VIPs currently on the VIP list will not be deleted or changed. (If you want the VIPs in the file to replace the current VIP list, cancel here and delete all VIPs in the event before importing the file.)

The import file must be in a tab-separated format with the VIP name as the first column and, optionally, details about the VIP (address or other identifying information) in the 2nd column, license plate tag in the 3rd column, license plate state abbreviation in the 4th column, and up to 9 more columns of information about the VIP.

Example: - VIP rows are separated by CR/LF.
Johnson, Claude<tab> 100 Center Street<tab>Anytown, USA<tab>License Plate<tab>CT<CR/LF>
 Parker, Peter<tab>1 Spidey Way<tab>Forest Hills NY<tab>License Plate<tab>MD<CR/LF>

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