Common Flash PARCS Kiosk Error Messages

Modified on Wed, 20 Mar 2024 at 12:41 PM

Unable to Issue a Ticket

This type of error is commonly associated with a lack of printing paper for the kiosk.


  • The kiosk is out of paper.

Vehicle not Detected

This occurs when a customer scans a barcode and their vehicle is not detected. A vehicle not standing in the correct marking to trigger the entry loop can be the reason for this error. Sensors must detect that a vehicle is preset in the kiosk lane to start interaction with the parker. 


  • Vehicle not detected
  • Loops need recalibration

Passback on entry error

If the parker is out of sequence and attempts an entry while an entry record is still active within the system the error message will be displayed. The parker will not be granted access to the facility and will need to press help for further assistance.

This error can also occur if a monthly parker exceeds the number of parking spots permitted in their account.


  • The parker is out of sequence
  • The parker has exceeded the maximum number of vehicles allowed.

Timeout Error

A common error message is the Timeout notification, which occurs if the screen has been idle during a process for a certain period, a notification will pop up to ensure interaction with the kiosk is still taking place.

Unable to Contact Support

A support line has not been established, or if the Internet connection is lost while making the call.

Scanner - Invalid Item Scanned

This error usually occurs when scanning a non-valid barcode, or a product (ticket, prox card) that’s been damaged. When receiving this error it is advised to check that there are no imperfections in the barcode and that it can be read by the scanner.


  • Damaged barcode
  • Outdated Barcode Reader drivers
  • An Integration service may be down
  • The Integration is not configured. (For instance: Parking Reservations, Loyalty Programs, etc)

FlashPass ID

This error can appear when the FlashPass has expired and is no longer valid. Also when trying to use a FlashPass valid for a specific area in the parking lot or purchased at a different location.

Invalid Prox Card

The prox card number does not match a Prox Card on file for a customer or an Employee.

Unable to process Credit Card

An expired credit card is being used.

Scanning Validation

An error occurs when trying to scan a validation barcode at an exit or POF kiosk before scanning the access method. For a validation to be processed its barcode must be scanned at the payment screen, this can be done after scanning the parking ticket.

Invalid Validation

If a validation has been used, an error/notification message will appear indicating the date and time in which it was used, and the validation not being accepted due to its expiration. The user has the option to use another validation, process payment differently, or press the HELP button to contact support if needed.

Invalid Coupon

This error appears if a coupon has already been used, or if the coupon is not compatible with the ticket scanned at the exit screen. The kiosk will redirect the user to the payment screen after pressing OK. The coupon needs to be added to the ticket type and has to be enabled for the price of the ticket.


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