Flash PARCS: How to Upload Audio to a PARCS Kiosk

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Flash empowers parking operators by allowing them to upload audio to their PARCS kiosk. This versatile feature serves multiple purposes, including providing hospitality messages, delivering clear instructions for users, enhancing accessibility for individuals with disabilities, and making important announcements. This feature enables parking facilities to create a more welcoming and efficient experience for their parkers.


  • An Admin account.
  • A PARCS kiosk with speakers installed.


How to Upload an Audio File to a PARCS Kiosk

Audio files must be uploaded individually at the kiosk level; they cannot be applied to all kiosks simultaneously.

1. Login to the Admin Portal and select a Location.

2. Go to the Flash PARCS tab and select a Kiosk.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Audio File section:

  • Seconds to Delay Start: The time it will take to play after the triggering event, in seconds.
  • Times to Play: The amount of times the audio will play.
  • Volume %: The volume level at which the audio will play.
  • Triggering Event: 
    • Main Screen: The audio will play after the kiosk loop has been triggered.
    • Screen Saver Deactivate: The audio will play after the screen saver has been deactivated. Intended for use with POF kiosks.
  • MP3 File to Play: Audio files can be as large as 100+MB in .mp3 format. Ideally, the average file should be no longer than a typical song. Please select a message brief enough to capture the parker’s attention at the kiosk but not longer than the time they're willing to spend listening to it inside their car without taking action.

4. After completing the audio setup, choose the file by clicking on Select.

 5. Click on Upload after the file has loaded.

Once the audio file is uploaded, its settings cannot be changed. If adjustments are needed, the audio must be deleted and uploaded again.

Can I upload more than one audio file to the kiosk?

For best practices, it's recommended to upload only one audio file to the kiosk.

However, if you choose to upload multiple files, please note that they will arrange themselves in alphabetical order. Only the file at the top will play when the kiosk is triggered (for example, the file that starts with an "A"). The other files will not play.

How to Delete an Audio File from a PARCS Kiosk

To delete an audio file from the kiosk, simply click the Delete button.

End User Experience

At an Entry kiosk, when the parker triggers the loop:

On a Pay on Foot kiosk, when the parker taps the screen to deactivate the screen saver:

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