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Ticket Search

The Ticket Search option allows users to search for any PARCS or Valet ticket issued in a location, by selecting the location and inputting the ticket number any previously issued ticket will appear along with details submitted and transaction information.


  • An Administrator or Operations account is needed to access this tab.

How it Works

The Ticket Search tab can be found on the left side of the Admin Portal, when clicking this tab the user will be presented with a wide variety of options to search for their tickets.



It is mandatory to select a Location before entering any detail for a ticket search.

Both Valet and PARCS tickets can be searched with their ticket numbers. In addition, any other field such as External ID or any one from the Search By Details section can be combined to more accurately find the ticket.

The External ID is the identifier of the ticket or session in an external system. For instance, if the customer made a reservation on Ticketmaster and their voucher or reservation code is 789456123, then you can use the 789456123 external ID as a search prompt.

Once any details have been input, pressing any of the Search buttons will yield a result that can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Here, basic information regarding the ticket will be shown, if available. 


Please note that an input date, or range, must be selected to sear for any ticket(s).

To display more thorough information users can click the ticket under results, and will be taken to a Ticket Details page, where information such as issued date, duration, and vehicle details can be found, among others.

Transient Parkers

Payments section

At the bottom of the page are the Payments and Activity sections. Payments will show information regarding the total amount paid including any fees or discount to the ticket, this section can be clicked to access full information about payment and to make a refund. The Activity section only shows the parking area and date for the vehicle, along with a vehicle damage photo if any are available.


For more information regarding Photos and vehicle damage, click here.


The Refund button can be found by accessing the ticket details from the Payments section, this button allows for a full or partial refund to the customer’s payment method.

For more information regarding Refunds, click here.

Send Receipt

At the bottom of the Ticket Details page, users can also find the Send Receipt section, which allows the user to send a copy of the ticket receipt to the customer by inputting an email address and clicking the Send Receipt button.



Monthly and Resident Parkers can be found by any detail from the parker’s details, such as Name, Last Name, Vehicle Make or Model, or License Plate. The more detailed the search fields, the more accurate results will be.

Inside the Ticket Details page users can find a Void button which will only be available for PARCS/Transients that are not prepaid

Use Cases

  • To use the Refund option, the desired ticket must be searched through the Search Ticket tab, this is complemented by the Send Receipt button in the Payments section.

See this document's “How it Works” section for more information. 

  • Ticket Search serves as a reference for any detail for the parker’s vehicle. The Photos option can be found in the Activity section on the Ticket Details page. An available vehicle photo can be checked at the “camera” field, in the initial search for the ticket.

Compatibility List

  • The Search Ticket option works for both PARCS and Valet tickets.


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