Parkonect: Valet Hiker Overview

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Instead of letting valets come and go with FOBs or using validations that can’t truly be tied to the car’s entry time, Parkonect’s Valet Hiker gives you 100% visibility into each valet parking transaction so you can maximize revenue while maintaining the highest level of control over your parking space inventory.

Setting Up a Monthly Valet Account 

In the garage settings page, you will need to set up BOTH a Valet Monthly Account as well as a Valid Barcode Range. Simply navigate to Garage Settings > Accounts > Add New Account to configure the monthly account.

We highly recommend giving each third-party valet company their own account in Parkonect. When building the monthly account, be sure to include the following:

  • Account Name
  •  Barcode Prefix—This must always start with an “M” and the following characters can be of your choosing.
  • Select the “Valet Hiker” check box
  • Click “Save/Add Cardholders”

Adding Cardholders

Under the specified account, click “Add New Parker”.
Once you have selected Add New Parker, proceed by adding the cardholder’s information. Be sure to include:

  • First and Last Name
  • Barcode—We recommend using Parkonect monthly passes which has the barcode printed at the bottom of the pass. This is the number you will need to enter in the barcode box.
  • Make sure the boxes “Active” and “Neutral State are checked.
  • Starting Date—Enter the date of which you are creating the cardholder
  • Click Save

Barcode Range

It is highly recommended that each 3rd Party valet company has its own barcode range so you can differentiate from a reporting and occupancy standpoint.

Adding a Barcode Range

To add a barcode range, navigate to Garage Settings > Barcodes > Add Barcode Range.
When adding a new barcode range, be sure to do the following:

  • Name the Range
  • Select “Active” and “Valet Ticket”
  • Enter the starting and ending ticket number for the barcode range.
  • Click “Save”

Options for Barcode Configuration

Valet tickets/barcodes can be configured differently based on your operation.

Valet Multi-Use Barcode
The “Valet Multi-Use Barcodes” box should be checked

  • if you are allowing customers who utilize valet to have “In/Out” privileges or
  • you are re-using valet barcodes

Valet Tickets Subject to Passback
Similar to a monthly parker, our valet tickets can have passback restrictions associated to them which we highly recommend. This means that each valet ticket must be scanned at entry before our software will allow a valid scan upon exiting.

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