Parkonect: Valet Hiker Ticket Recommendations

Modified on Thu, 12 Oct 2023 at 04:35 AM


  1. You should use QR codes that are ~ .75” x .75” in size .
  2. Ticket numbers should be sequential and the # of digits should never change. 
    1. For instance, if you’re ordering 100 tickets don’t order 001-100, order 000001-000100 instead.
  3. A letter should be placed in front of the ticket range. 
    1. For instance, E000001-E000100
    2. Some letters can’t be used with the Parkonect system (H,M,P,V,W,Z – they’re used for other barcodes like validations and monthly)
  4. Don’t use dark-colored ticket stock.
    1. Scanners have a hard time picking up the black QR code against a dark blue ticket stock (as an example)
  5. Include the QR code on all parts of the ticket (so if a valet loses a part, the windshield tag or claim check can always be used for ingress / egress).

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