Parkonect: Failed Scans Explained

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Please see below for extended clarification on a given failed scan.

Barcode already checked-in: This parker is trying to enter a second time with the same pass. Note that at times the gate may not vend due to tech issues or they may not have been able to pull forward within the time period that the gate was raised (car in front blocking pulling forward or messing with the radio etc and the gate comes down and so they try to scan that pass again). 

Disable Network Failover: This is when the primary internet connection is lost, and the backup secondary internet connection fails to enable.

Early Entry Denied: This is when a 3rd party or restricted account attempts to enter before the time allowed on their pass. There is a setting within "3rd party presales" called the Early Entry cap(Get there by clicking on Garage Setting > Garage > 3rd party presales) this determines how many hours a customer can arrive and enter before their reservation time starts.

Exit Primary Without Exiting Nest: This nested parker is required to enter the nest. This is due to the nested parker taking up transient parking that could generate revenue and force the parker to park in the nest.

Failed to apply validation, validation may have already been applied: Usually seen when trying to combine 2 or more validations that are not allowed to be combined. Can also be a duplicate of the same validation that doesn’t allow multi-validation. 

Failed to Log Monthly Parker Exit: This error indicates that the vehicle has already completed an exit within the software. For these errors, filter the garage log results by the specific barcode #, and look at the corresponding entry/exit times shown.

Hotel Validation Not Checked-In: The hotel parker is trying to exit without having a record of entering the garage. This is often due to the hotel parker pulling a new ticket and not using the QR code they received to enter.

InterPark No Active Session: This Interpark parker is attempting to exit without having scanned in at entry.

Invalid Barcode: This barcode is not one that is in the Parkonect system and/or not assigned to an active parker. 

Invalid Monthly Parker: This is a monthly parker that is not active, or expired within the Parkonect monthly parker within the Parkonect software.

Invalid Track Data: Credit card swiped incorrectly or too quickly. Also could indicate a worn mag stripe on the card, also could indicate a failing credit card reader. 

Invalid web purchase or check-in time: Parker is trying to enter prior to their reservation time.

Lot is full, access denied: Seen when a lot is at 100% capacity, will not allow new transient parkers in. Also, a monthly parker is trying to access a sublot or nest that they’re not authorized to access. 

Monthly Parker in Garage: Passback Violation: This parker is out of sequence. They are trying to scan their pass at an entry or exit for the 2nd time in a row. 

Monthly Parker Not In Garage: A passback situation in which the parker is scanning to exit or sublot/nest with no record of an entry. 

Monthly Pass Locked: This monthly parker either expired or has a special Monthly Access Level setting. 

Nested Parker Must Entry Primary Lot: Nested parker is trying to enter the nest without having scanned at primary entry.

Parker already left or never entered: This parker has already scanned at the exit. This often happens if the car in front of them is preventing them from pulling forward and the gate closes, and then they scan their pass again. Also, the gate could have failed to vend and it's recorded as an exit and then they scan their pass again.

Parker already paid at pay on foot station: Parker trying to pay twice. 

Parker Repeat Entry: Parker scanned at lane multiple times in a row.

Payment Declined: The card did not have sufficient funds. Or the customer is attempting to use a prepaid credit card. Parkonect can only accept payment from bank-issued debit or credit cards.

Rate lookup error: Possibly a car already left or never entered: This indicates that they are re-using a ticket that has been scanned out of the garage or there’s no record of that car entering. This often happens with a frequent parker accidentally scanning a ticket from a previous day of parking at the location. 

Sleep Mode: This lane is in sleep mode and not in use. Sleep mode is used when a location has reversible lanes or wants a particular piece of hardware to be nonfunctioning for a select period of time.

Third-Party barcode already checked-in or invalid time range: This barcode has either already been used to scan into the garage or they are scanning outside of their window of time purchased. Note that at times the gate may not vend due to tech issues or they may not have been able to pull forward within the time period that the gate was raised (car in front blocking pulling forward or messing with the radio etc, and the gate comes down and so they try to scan that pass again). 

Unknown System Error: This occurs when a parker is manually logged out, and then the parker attempts to exit after, and is a form of passback violation.

Valet Hiker Error: Barcode already used: The valet is attempting to re-use a barcode when it’s not allowed.

Valet Hiker Error: Pass back violation: The valet is out of sequence. 

Vehicle Not Present: This shows that the in ground loop does not detect a vehicle above it. It could be a bad loop, a bad relay, or the vehicle not covering the loop properly. It could be a high sitting vehicle or motorcycle (jeep etc…). This also occurs when someone approaches the parking hardware on foot, instead of in a vehicle when trying to scan a credential.

Web purchase already checked in: A presale parker is trying to scan in after that QR code had already entered the garage without a record of them exiting.

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