Parkonect: How to Add or Edit Validations

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The Parkonect system can create four types of validations. From the Validations menu located in the Modules field, you may see a list of all validations created for your garage and whether they are active or inactive. You can create four types of validations: 


  • Percent Off (note: for 100% off use 1 and for all lesser percentages use a decimal point, i.e. .75 for 75% off)
  • Dollars Off 
  • Time Off (in minutes) 
  • Unique Rate Sheet 



To create a new validation, go to the Validations Module on the Garage Management page. Click “Add a New Validation”.  


To edit or disable a validation, select a validation from the Validations menu. Uncheck “active” to disable validation. 



Validation Details  

This section of the validation establishes the validation codes and descriptions which will visible on the Garage Log and in the various validation reports throughout the Parkonect system. 


1. Create a prefix – please note, all validations in the Parkonect system must start with “V”. The prefix can be as simple as a few numbers or letters. For example, V24hrXYZ.  


2. Add a Description


3. Check the “Active” box. 


4. “Use Parking Pass” and “API Enabled” are specialty functions in Parkonect that have their own manuals. Please ignore these or contact a Parkonect representative if you have any questions. 



Promotion Type 

Establishes the type of validation and defines the starting and end date of the validations that may be used. If Rate Sheet is selected, you will need to first create the desired rate sheet using the Rate Sheet Module. 

Pricing increment is for internal use generally not used. 


Valid Ranges 

Validations consist of a prefix and a serial number. In this section, the serial number range is defined and once defined, each number in the range can only be used once. 

Serial numbers that are not defined yet and paired with a valid prefix will be rejected by the Parkonect system. 


For example, if the prefix is V24XYZ and the validation range is 001 to 010, a valid validation would be V24XYZ001.   Examples of invalid validations would be V24XYZ01 or V24XYZ011.    


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