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The Events page provides you with the ability to view, edit and add new events that are happening at your locations. To view more details about an event, double-click on the event you would like to view and a pop-up will appear.

Editing an Event

All fields are required on an event record when editing or adding new events.  Venue is a freeform field where you can enter the name of the venue holding the event.

The user must also choose a Category that this event falls into, these can be set up on the Settings page if the user has the correct security.

Locations can be selected from a dropdown list, and one or multiple locations can be selected for an event, click OK for your options to be saved.

Expected Attendance gives your users an idea of how many people are expected to park, this can assist you when it comes time to decide how many attendants might be needed for an event.

The number of Estimated Staff can be entered as well for planning and informational purposes.

Minimum Rate, Maximum Rate and Default Rate are also setup here. If you want to charge only one price for tickets and not allow edits to this, you can do so by setting all three levels to the same value. Users will have the ability to pick either of these three options or a value in between if the variations are entered. The default rate is the rate that will be automatically selected upon user login.

Adding a New Event

In order to add a new event, click the green plus icon in the lower left corner and populate all fields. Once you have populated the information click the green plus icon in the popup to Add New event or select the middle green icon to Save and Add Other, this can be used when adding multiple events in one sitting. Click the red Close icon to cancel out the new record.

Advanced Options

Filters and Sort By options can be applied to this page by selecting the black filter icon in the lower left corner.

You also have the option to hide or display any inactive events by selecting the purple action icon in the lower left corner. If your user has the correct security (they are marked as admin) then they will have the option to Import Entries here as well.

In order to deactivate or reactivate events, users must hold down the Control key (Windows) or the Command key (Mac) and select the events(s) needing to be deactivated/reactivated. Next, select the purple actions icon and choose the action you would like to complete. Multiple events can be edited at one time using this process as well, whatever action is chosen from the actions menu will be applied to all events.

You can also view the event's VIP list by selecting the Manage VIP List option on this menu. Here you will be able to view the VIP list for any event, past or present. You will be navigated to the VIP List page once you select this option.

Want to learn more?

To view more information about how to inactivate or deactivate events, view the How to Deactivate Events or Reactivate Events guide. If you would like to learn more about VIP lists, you can view the VIP List guide.

In the bottom right corner you have the options to Print, export to Excel, export as CSV, and export as PDF.

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