Ballparc: How to Create an Event

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This guide will assist you with setting up a new event in the Management Portal.

1. Click the chevron icon in the top left corner of your screen to display the main menu.

2. Hover over the Event icon and select the Events option from the yellow menu.

3. Select the green add icon in the lower left corner.

  • A new event popup will appear. Fill in all fields on this popup, as they are all required.
    • Venue is a free form field to record the name of the event venue.
    • Category field allows you to choose from already created categories. The settings page is used to maintain categories.
    • Locations are the lot(s) and/or garage(s) you will be using for the event. You can choose one, multiple, or all locations by selecting the checkbox next to each Location.

  • Expected Attendance and Estimated Staff are informational fields that can help you plan event capacity.

  • The Minimum, Maximum, and Default Rates determine the rates an attendant can charge for the event. If you do not want to allow different rates, set these three fields to the same amount.

4. Once you have entered all of your information for the event, click the green add icon to save.

  • If you would like to add more than one event, you can click the middle green icon to save and add another. This will save the current event you have entered and allow you to begin a new one. Click the add icon once you have entered all new events to save your information.

All set!

Your event has now been created and added to the events list. If you are within 24 hours of the event time, the event will also appear in the mobile app.

For more information about managing events, view the Events Guide.

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