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The VIP List allows users to create a directory of people who should be allowed to park without payment during an event. When choosing VIP List from the menu options you will be given a dropdown of all current and future events that are scheduled. Select an event to view the VIP list.

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You can also view the VIP list for past events by navigating to the Events page and selecting the purple action icon. To learn more information about this, view our Event user guide.

Editing the VIP List

This list will be populated with all events that are occurring today or in the future. Select an event to view or begin setting up the VIP list.

Once you select an event, the VIP list will be populated with all existing records. To view an individual record, double click on the line you are wanting to view and a pop up will appear.

The First Name and Last Name are required on these records. Company, Phone, Email Address and VIP Type are all optional and are used for informational purposes. Note that the company will appear within the mobile app VIP list to help attendants better identify the VIP entering the event.

The number of Allowed Redemptions will determine how many times (number of cars) this person can park at the event.

As the redemptions are used, Current Redemptions and Available Redemptions will automatically update allowing you to know how many uses are left for the VIP.

The VIP list will provide you with at-a-glance details about the people included in the list for this event. The circle on the right will indicate how many redemptions are left available.

When the person is out of redemptions the circle will display 0 and turn red to indicate that no redemptions are remaining.

If the person is marked as inactive, a 0 will automatically display in the circle and the line will turn grey to indicate the person has been deactivated. Deactivated records will not be visible within the mobile application. 

To change the event for which you are viewing the VIP list, click the pencil icon next to the event name at the top of the page.

This will bring up the Select Event popup where you can choose from current and future events.

To view the VIP list for past events, navigate to the Events page and hold down the Command key (Mac) or Control key (Windows) and select the event you would like to view. Next, select the purple action icon and choose Manage VIP List from the options.

Adding a New VIP Record

If your event does not yet have a VIP list you will be presented with a blank screen ready for records to be added. Click the green plus icon in the lower left corner to begin adding a new record.

Populate the First Name, Last Name and number of Allowed Redemptions as they are all required, the rest of the details are informational and should be added as needed.

Once you have entered all information click the green plus icon in the pop up to Add New or select the middle green icon to Save and Add Another. This can be used when adding multiple records in one sitting. Click the red Close icon to cancel out of the new record completely.

Advanced Options

Filters and Sort By options can be applied to this page by selecting the black filter icon in the lower left corner.

You also have the option to hide or display any inactive entries by selecting the purple action icon in the lower left corner. Managers and POCs also have the ability to Import VIP List.

Want to learn more?

To view how to import VIP list entries using an Excel template, view the How to Import a VIP List guide.

To deactivate or reactivate entries, hold down the Control key (Windows) or the Command key (Mac) and select the entries to be deactivated or reactivated. Next, select the purple action icon and choose the action you would like to complete.

In the bottom right corner, you have the options to Print, export to Excel, export as CSV, and export as PDF.

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