FLASH AR Recurring Invoices

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Billing Tab Overview

The Billing tab contains all billing-related information. Here, you can change the billing method, view or set up invoices, and process payments and refunds.


Change Billing Method

Account holders have the option to edit their billing method. The FLASH AR Admin user receives an email notification for any billing method changes made by a customer.


To change the billing method, choose a new method, then click Save Billing Method. The billing methods below are available.


  • Automatic credit card charges: Automatic charges are initiated by the FLASH AR system. Requires a credit card to be added to the account. If selected during the self-sign-up process the application can’t be finished until a card is added. 
  • Admin users are required to enter credit card information if switching to the Automatic credit card method.


  • Pay invoice manually each month by credit card: Requires a credit card to be added to the account when the invoice is emailed.

  • Pay invoice with a check: Use a check to manually pay the monthly invoice emailed to you on the location’s set invoice day. 


  • Pay invoice with ACH Push: Set up bill pay with your bank to manually pay the monthly invoice emailed to you on the location’s set invoice day. Invoices will include the routing and account info to send the payments to.


  • Pay invoice with ACH Autodraft: Set up bill pay with your bank to automatically pay the monthly invoice emailed to you on the location’s set invoice day.

Edit Recurring Invoices

Recurring invoices generate automatically when a rate code is linked to a parker’s profile. All linked parkers with assigned rate codes automatically appear on the recurring invoice. To remove a Rate Code from the invoice, unlink it from the parker profile, or delete the parker, if applicable. To edit or set up a recurring invoice follow the steps below.


1. Open the account details of the account you want to edit.


2. At the top, click Billing > Edit/Setup Recurring Invoice.


3. Continue below based on the action you want to take.


Add a recurring fee

To add additional recurring fees to the invoice outside of the Rate Code, like a credit card fee, follow the steps below.


1. Click Add Row.


2. Choose a preprogrammed amount, or to set a custom amount, choose Custom Product.


  • If you chose Custom Product, enter a product name and price in the corresponding fields. Preprogrammed rate code and charge type amount autofill.
  • Refer to CHARGE TYPES (page 39) for preprogrammed fee setup.


3. In the Tax Percent field, change the tax percent, if applicable.


4. Click Save.


Delete a Row

To delete a row from the recurring invoice, follow the guidance below based on whether the row was manually added or auto-populated.


  • Manually added row: Click Delete Row, then click Save. This deletes the last manually added item on the invoice list.


  • Auto-populated row: Rate Codes linked to parker profiles will auto-populate to create recurring invoices. These rate codes can't be manually deleted from this listing. Parker Rate codes can be changed or removed from the individual parker’s profile. To change or remove auto-populated rate codes, follow the steps below.


1. At the top, click Parking Info.


2. Under "Parkers", find the parker whose rate code you want to change or remove, then click



3. In the Rate Code dropdown, choose a rate code. If you want to remove the rate code, choose

the Select Rate Code option.

Access credentials will continue to work if the rate code is removed. 


Pause or resume a recurring invoice

To pause or resume a recurring invoice, choose one of the options below from the When should the first invoice send? field, then click Save.


  • Pause a recurring invoice: Choose Pause Recurring Invoice.
  • Resume a recurring invoice: Choose a new start month.


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