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Accounts Overview

In the accounts section, you can manage application submissions, view and edit account and parker information, and manage account billing. To access this section, click Accounts on the left menu. The Accounts page has three sections, Pending Requests, Active Accounts, and Past and Denied Accounts. This article will cover how to manage Pending Requests. 

Pending Requests

Pending Requests are parking applications submitted by a customer through the location’s FLASH AR customer-facing website. A parking application must be approved to be an Active Account. Pending Requests are automatically sorted by the latest entry, so the most recently submitted application is listed on the top.

Pending Request List Overview

Accept: Review submitted account information and approve the application. 

Deny: Reject the application, it will be moved to the Past and Denied section. The applicant will recieve the denial email notification.

Edit: Review the submitted information without approving or denying the application.

Column Titles 

The column titles are based on the submitted account information. Click on the column titles to sort the list of applications from ascending to descending. 

  • Lot Address - Requested parking facility
  • Rate Requested - Selected Rate Code
  • Name - Account holder name
  • Phone - Contact number for account
  • Start - Selected started date
  • End - Optional account termination date 
  • Method - Billing Method, how the account holder intends to pay the invoice. 
  • Finished Signup - If the application process is abandoned before the completion Finished Signup - NO will appear. 

Search: Use the Search bar to filter out the applications, it will pull from the submitted account info listed under each column title. 

Show Entries: Edit the number of viewable applications from 10 to 100. 

Export: The list of pending application can be exported in the following formats:

  • CSV
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • Copy to clipboard

Abandoned and Incomplete Applications 

If an application is abandoned at any point after clicking Sign Up, the account will appear as a Pending Request. On the right, in the Finished Signup column, “No” will be notated. If account information is missing, you can send an email to the account holder to request that information.


Send Email Reminder to Complete Application


To send an email reminder to the account holder, follow the steps below.


1. On the left menu, click Accounts.

2. Find the application in the Pending Requests list and click Edit.

3. In the top right, click Resend Invite.

Accept Pending Request

1. On the left menu, click Accounts.

2. Find the application in the Pending Requests list and click Accept to run through the account approval wizard.

3. Review the submitted parker information and click Yes to continue.

4. Click Edit to add a Rate Code and PARCS credential data. You can also update parker information and add a Rate code and Parcs credential data after the account is approved.

5. Once the parker information is up to date, click Update Parker > Close > Next. If you aren't making additional changes here, just click Next.

6. Confirm whether or not to send a one time invoice. Click one of the options below.

  • Yes: Send a One Time Invoice. Recommended for proration or Setup Fees. Refer to the Send One  Time Invoice section for guidance on invoice setup.
  • Skip: Set up a recurring Invoice. Refer to the Edit/Setup Recurring  invoices section of for guidance on invoice setup

Account Approval Wizard

Deny an application

To deny an application, follow the steps below.


1. On the left menu, click Accounts.


2. Find the application in the Pending Requests list and click Deny. When an application is denied, it’s sent to the Past/Denied accounts section.


3. (Optional) In the text box, provide a reason why the application is being denied.

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