FLASH AR Process Manual Payments or Credits

Modified on Tue, 28 May at 2:39 PM

Admin users can apply a manual payment to a current invoice. This will be a required step for any accounts with a Billing Method set to Check. For accounts with a saved credit card on file, the payment can be reattempted if the automatic payment failed. 

If needing to add an additional charge to the account outside of the recurring invoice, see the Send One Time Invoice guide. 


1. Open the account details of the account you want to edit.

2. At the top, click Billing.

3. Under “Record a Payment or Credit”, click Record Transaction.

4. In the Date field, select a transaction date.

5. In the Payment Method dropdown, choose one of the payment methods below for the transaction.


  • Cash: Cash payment.
  • Check: Paper check payment.
  • Office Card: External payment processor.
  • Credit: Credit to the invoice, (not a monetary payment.)
  • ACH: ACH pull method.


6. In the Reference Number field, enter a reference number. This is just for internal purposes.

7. In the Amount field, enter the payment amount.

8. In the Payment field of a specific invoice, enter a payment amount to apply a payment to individual invoices. 

9. Click Save Payment

Invoice Credits

Credits can be applied to specific invoices or to the general account balance. 

Credit a Specific Invoice

1. Select the Credit Payment method.

2. Enter the credit amount in the Payment field next to the listed invoice. 

3. Enter the same amount in the Amount field above the Outstanding Invoices list.

Credit the Balance

If applying a general credit to the account, only enter the credit amount in the Total Amount field above the Outstanding Invoices, and do not apply a payment amount to any of the current invoices. 

The credit deduction amount will automatically appear on the next generated invoice. 

Reattempt Credit Payments

The Reattempt Payment option is only available for accounts with the Billing Method set to Automatic or ACH. 

1. Open the account details of the account you want to edit.


2. At the top, select the Billing tab.

3. Scroll to the invoice history list, and click the Change Status button next to the late invoice line item.


4. Select Reattempt Payment, then click Change Status.




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