Flash Valet: Add-Ons

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The Flash Valet Add-Ons module allows valet operations to sell additional services or products on top of the valet parking fee. Add-ons can include products or services such as a car wash, fuel up, or an EV charging session, they are customizable but preprogrammed in the Flash Admin portal.

Add-Ons Setup 

Flash Support will handle the Add Ons configuration, but to help explain how Add Ons are set up please see the screenshot below. 

  • Multiple Add Ons can be created and placed into a group for organizational purposes. Two Add Ons from the same Parent group can't be added to the same valet ticket.

  • Each Add On is set with either a preprogrammed price or a variable price can be allowed.

  • A Variable price allows the valet operator to enter any amount when assigning the Add On to the valet ticket. 

Assign Add-Ons to Valet Tickets

1. To issue a valet ticket, scan the ticket barcode or tap the blue plus sign to manually issue a ticket.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the Issue Ticket screen and select the Add Ons option. 

3. All pre-programmed Add Ons will be listed and grouped based on the parent category.

***Only one Add On from each group can be selected. If two items will ever be applied to the same ticket be sure to configure them in separate parent categories.***

4. Enter any other ticket details and tap Done to issue the ticket. 

Confirm Add-Ons

Bulk Confirmation

1. Tap Control and select the Tickets with Add-Ons option.

The Tickets With Add-Ons lists will only include tickets currently listed under the Issued tab. 

The tickets are itemized by the Add On label. If multiple Add Ons were assigned the ticket number will be listed under each service/product label. 

Once the service or product has been completed, the ticket Add On can be marked as complete.

2. Under the Pending list, tap the ticket number to view the ticket details and mark it as complete. 

3. Tap Mark As Complete

Individual Confirmation

The Add On confirmation option will also appear by Pulling or Editing a ticket.

1. Tap Edit for the ticket menu prompt.

2. Select Confirm Add Ons.
3. Tap checkboxes next to each Add On to mark it as complete.

4. Tap Done. 
Once confirmed, the confirmation date and time will appear. 

Pull Ticket and Process Payment

1. When the customer is ready for their vehicle, scan the ticket barcode or tap the Pull button next to the ticket number and select Paid.

Not Paid can be selected to initiate vehicle retrieval and temporarily bypass payment steps. Once the ticket is on the Active tab, select Paid to process the transaction. 

If the Add Ons were previously confirmed, they will be listed with the confirmation date/time, and the user's name that marked Add On as complete. 

2. Tap Done to proceed to payment. 
3. The Confirm Price screen will include any Add On fees in the Grand Total.

After payment is processed, the customer has the option to receive an SMS or emailed receipt. A printed receipt is also an option if connected to an Epson Bluetooth printer. 

The receipt will itemize any confirmed Add Ons. 

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