Getting Started with Flash Valet PMS Integrations

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Flash supports several Property Management System (PMS) Integrations that can be used for a Hotel location.

Supported PMS Software


Supported (Valet Only)
HMS INFOR does not require an onsite PC and has only been tested with Valet. Self-park hotel key access has not been tested with Flash and INFOR
Supported (Self Park Only)
If used with an approved/integrated hotel key vendor, Fosse is only for hotel key access. The Fosse protocol has limitations and does not provide a method for posting charges or searching guests, thus not viable for Valet.
Galaxy (Marriott)
Galaxy light speed allows for Valet posting to rooms and guest lookup before check-in. It allows for self-park hotel key access if it uses a support key encoder tested with Flash. This PMS integration requires an onsite PC.
Hilton OnQ
In Development
Hilton OnQ allows for Valet and PARCS self-park flows. Also allows for more.
Yes, Valet only
Micros Advanced (Opera)
Opera offers some of the same functionality as Galaxy, but for Valet, Opera does not allow guest searching before guest check-in. Flash Valet has ways to manually address this situation until the guest checks in.

Looking Up Reservations

  1. Use the Name field to search for a reservation.

  2. Use blue + to enter the name manually.

  3. Reservations may not show until the guest has checked in.

Posting Charges

  1. Perform Key Check, Check Out and Returning, and resolve Hot Cars.

  2. Post Payments through PMS using Pay All button.

  3. Can take up to 10 seconds per charge.

  4. Must be completed by the close of the operating window.

  5. Use "Processed at Front Desk" for charges posted manually.

Billing to a Room

  1. Tender type: Bill to a Room.

  2. Posts charge for a transient ticket to a folio.

  3. Use "Front Desk" to mark as paid without posting through PMS Integration.

Watch this video tutorial with Flash Valet with PMS Integration


Under Control > Overnight Payments, which button posts charges to the guests' folios through the PMS Integration?

The Pay All button can post charges to guests' folios.

Which field on the Issue Ticket page is used to search for reservations through the hotel's PMS?

The Name field is most commonly used to search for reservations since inputting a name is mandatory for customers.

When should you use the blue + button on the Reservation Search page?

The blue + button should be used when a reservation for the given name is not found.

How long does it take to post charges to the PMS?

Up to 10 seconds per charge.

True or False: Posting charges to the PMS happens automatically each night.

False. Posting charges to the PMS can only be done manually.

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