Flash Valet: Overnight Posting with PMS integrations for Hotels

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Flash Valet allows you to post overnight payments for hotel locations with an integrated Property Management System (PMS). This article explains how to use the Overnight Posting feature in Flash Valet.

Process Overnight Payments in the App

Prior to posting the overnight payments, it's critical to conduct an overnight audit (often referred to as overnight scrub) to ensure all data in the Flash Valet app is as up-to-date as possible. To process overnight payments in the app, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Overnight Audit

1. At the bottom, tap Control > Out and Returning.

2. Compare the guest list with the hotel's overnight occupancy list. For checked-out guests, tap the blue i icon beside their name, then tap Checked Out.

Step 2. Process Payment

1. On the Issued tab, Filter by Hot Cars.

2. For each ticket, tap Edit Ticket then enter the guest name into the Search bar to find and link their reservation.

5. On the bottom menu, tap Control > Overnight Payments

6. To process individual tickets tap Pay next to a ticket. To process all tickets tap Pay All.

7. Tickets that are green were successfully posted to the PMS. Processing takes 7 to 10 seconds per overnight ticket, and 11 minutes per 100 vehicles. All payments must be completed prior to the operating window. If all payments have not been posted within the operating window, they will not post for the day and must be posted manually at the front desk.

8. If a ticket doesn't turn green after the Pay All process is complete, tap Pay next to each individual ticket and tap Process to Micros/Galaxy/Infor to push a posting.

9. For any remaining reservations that haven't been posted (the ones that aren't green) tap Pay >Processed at Front Desk. These tickets are being blocked and must be processed at the front desk.

Integration Not Responding

In the event that the integration is down, preventing charges from posting, guest folios must be manually charged through the hotel system. To prevent any accumulation of charges on subsequent nights once the integration is reinstated, it is crucial to mark these Overnight tickets as paid in the Flash Valet app. This is completed by tapping Processed at Front Desk for each ticket.  This ensures accurate and timely billing for guests and prevents any issues with subsequent charges.

Bill a Transient Charge to a Room

To bill a transient to a room, follow the steps below:

1. Issue the transient ticket.

2. Pull the ticket in the app and tap Paid.

3. Select the Bill to Room tender type.

4. Enter the room number and tap Done.

5. (Optional) Search by reservation name if the room number is unknown. On the Issued tab, tap Edit next to the transient ticket and tap the Room /Unit # field. Select the guest name in the search results.

6. Pull the ticket and tap Bill to Room.

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