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Users have the ability to use an Excel spreadsheet to ease the efforts of inputting Hang Tag information, this requires the spreadsheet to be in a specific format in order for the Management Portal to pick up the information. Please use this step-by-step guide to assist you in preparing and uploading new Hang Tag information. Only Admin/POC users have this ability.


Scroll to the bottom of this article and download the Hang Tag Import Template.

Navigate to the downloads section of your computer and open the file using Excel.

This is the format for the Hang Tag information that needs to be imported, note that line 2 is just an example and should be removed when entering your data. Enter in your Hang Tag information according to the fields starting in row 2 of the spreadsheet, do not rearrange the order of these columns.


  • Barcode Number: The QR code number on the customer's Hang Tag.
  • Start Date: The Hang Tag will be accepted beginning on this date (and not before).
  • End Date: The Hang Tag will be accepted ending on this date.
  • Hang Tag Type: This is an internal field that allows you to create a "note" of the Hang Tag's type or purpose.
  • Hours Between Scans: Your options are 0, 6, 12 or 24. The system will block out that Hang Tag for the specified number of hours after it has been scanned, choosing 0 means the Hang Tag can be reused again immediately.
  • Limit Redemptions: This field can be Yes or No. If Yes, the system will track the number of times the Hang Tag has been used and stop accepting scans once it reaches the maximum number of uses. You must populate the Allowed Redemptions column if you select Yes.
  • Allowed Redemptions: This field must be a number and is only used if Limit Redemptions is set to Yes. This is the maximum number of times the Hang Tag will be accepted.
  • Restrict Locations: This field can be set to Yes or No. If yes, the Hang Tag will only be able to be redeemed at specified Locations. You must populate the Allowed Locations column if you choose Yes.
  • Allowed Locations: This field is only used if Restrict Locations is set to Yes. Please list the ID(s) of the location(s) at which the Hang Tag can be redeemed separated by a dash "-" if there are multiple allowed locations. The ID for a location can be found by navigating to the Locations section of the Management Portal and double clicking the location that is allowed, use the Support ID located in the top right corner of this popup to identify your location(s).

Once all lines have been entered, save your spreadsheet in an easy to find location so that it can be imported into the Management Portal.

Click the chevron icon in the top left corner of your screen to display the main menu.

Hover over the Event icon and select the Hang Tags option from the yellow menu.

Select the purple actions icon in the lower left corner.

Choose the Import Hang Tags option from the list.

An import pop up will appear, select the Choose File button.

Find the Excel spreadsheet that was saved in step 3 and select Open.

Once you have selected the correct spreadsheet, click the Import button.

All set!

The Hang Tags entered on the spreadsheet will now be imported and active in the Hang Tag list.

DOWNLOAD Template here!

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