FlashOS: PrePaid Validation Accounts

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Prepaid Validation Accounts operate just like Validation Accounts, except funds are pre-loaded to the validation account instead of billing back for their validation expenses. When a Prepaid Validator prints a dollar-based validation/coupon barcode or electronically validates a ticket through the Validations Portal or app, and an equal amount is deducted from their balance. Prepaid Validators can only validate tickets or print validation barcodes if the account has an available balance. If the balance reaches $0 or the Validation amount exceeds the remaining balance, the user will not be able to electronically validate a ticket or print a dollar-based validation barcode.

Create a PrePaid Validation Account without PIN Requirement

Step 1. Create Validation Account 

1. Go to https://portal.flashvalet.com and log in to the Admin Portal.

2. Select the Validation Accounts tab on the left menu and click Add New.

3. Enter the validation account username in the Email Address field.

The validation username does not require a valid email address. It cannot be the same username as the Flash Admin credential. 

4. Enter the Validation Account's first and last name.

5. Select a Location in the drop-down menu.

6. Enter a password and repeat.

7. Select Save.

Step 2. Set Up the Validator

8. Select the Locations tab on the left menu and choose a location.

9. Select the Validators tab on the upper menu and click Add New.

10. Enter the validation account's first and last name.

11. Enter the previously entered Email Address from Step 1.3.

12. Check at least one Validator access type and Select Save.

Step 3. Link Validation Prices and Apply Prepaid Setting

13. Select the Validation Accounts tab from the left menu to complete the setup.

14. Select the created validation account.

15. Check Validator Skip PIN.

16. Check Prepaid Validations.

17. Select applicable validation prices or coupons to link to the account and select Save.

Only dollar value discount validations or coupons can be linked to PrePaid Validation accounts. Time based or full validations can't be linked to Prepaid accounts. 

PrePaid Credits

The Allow Prepaid Credits feature allows for overage credits to be applied to the Validation account balance. 

Contact support@flashparking.com to enable the Prepaid Credit feature for the Prepaid Validation Account. 

For example, a $10 off Validation is applied to a ticket, deducting $10 from the Validation Balance. The parker exits and based on the parking duration only $6 was deducted from the amount due. The $4 overage will be automatically funded to the Prepaid Validation account balance.

Step 4. Add a Credit Card and Load Balance

Once the prepaid validation is created a balance must be added to the account for it to be operational. A credit card can be added to the account to charge the load amounts, or cash can be selected and the payments handled externally.

1. Scroll to the bottom of the account to add a credit card. 

2. Select the Load Funds tab from the top menu to add to the account balance. 

Currently adding a credit card and loading funds to the account can only be completed by Flash Admin users, the validation account holders do not have access to perform these actions. 


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