Flash: Package Management for Automatic Billing

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Packages are used in conjunction with the Monthly Automatic Billing module. A Package defines the specific amount and proration rules governing the monthly parking fee that is invoiced to Monthly account holders via the Flash system. The Flash Automatic Billing module is compatible with Flash PARCS, Flash Valet monthly accounts, and also includes valet residential accounts. 

Packages are created in the Flash Admin portal, follow the steps below to learn how to set up a Monthly/Residential Package. 

Administration role is required to create new Packages in the Flash Admin portal.

Create Monthly/Residential Packages

1. Go to https://portal.flashvalet.com and log in to the Admin Portal.
2. Select the Monthly tab from the left menu > choose the location.
3. Select the Package tab from the top menu > Add New.

3. Fill out the required fields and any other important information regarding the package.

  • Monthly Park: The package category that is linked to a capacity limit. Typically used for any reserved parking type with an availability limit. Once the package capacity is reached the package will no longer be available to link to a monthly account. 

Contact support@flashparking.com to make any edits the Monthly Park options and capacity limits. 

  • Package Name: Can include both letters and numbers.

  • Monthly Account Type: Package Monthly Account type should correspond to the Account type. If a valet location is utilizing Residential accounts, it's crucial to establish Residential Packages.

  • Monthly Payment Type: Defines how the package will be prorated if added to the account after the initial invoice start date. 
    • PartialPlusFull - Half price (50%) if signing up after the 15th, else full price, plus next month.
    • ProRatedPlusFull - Prorated by day for the remaining days in the signup month, plus next month.
    • WholePlusFull - Full price regardless of when in the month signup occurs, plus next month.

  • Tax Rate: This field is optional, and must be entered in percentage. If Rate Value is inclusive of tax and the full amount to be charged, leave it blank.
  • Package Rate: The amount the account holder will be invoiced every month.
  • Rate Code: Setting a rate code is not mandatory, but it is recommended. This practice ensures that the package is exclusively accessible to parkers or administrators who possess the designated rate code. Parkers can oversee their monthly account and add packages through the Monthly Parker Portal (if enabled). Those packages associated with a specific rate code will remain concealed unless the parker is supplied with the corresponding rate code for entry.

Once saved only the following fields can be edited: 

  • Name 
  • Tax rate

If needing to update a current package, create a new package and link to the monthly account. 

Once a package is created it is linked to the Monthly or Residential account to complete the invoice set up. See the Monthly Account Management with Automatic Billing for more information. 

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